Century-Old Masterpieces Reveals Humanity’s Fear: Alien Invasion

When it comes to the Science fiction, one of the most common themes is the alien invasion. In this theme, extraterrestrials have invaded the Earth either to supplant and exterminate human life, enchain it under a colonial system, to harvest humans for their foods, steal resources, and destroy the entirety of the planet. Due to the thousands of UFOs report circulating on the internet, it pays to take a glimpse if whether or not alien invasion is possible in this modern era. The concept of the century’s old masterpieces is to reveal the fear of humanity against alien invasion.
UFOs initially were not viewed as a scientific issue or problem, but rather one of national security. After all, unknown aerial objects were being tracked on radar and observed by credible witnesses including pilots and especially military pilots, invading the sovereign airspace of nations. We all know that overwhelming Martian invasion has been viewed as a fighting-machines destroying towns, massive alien tripods, killing powerless humans, and abducting men. It is understandable that these scenarios are not hard to imagine, but very hard to paint. Henrique Alvim Corrêa, the Brazilian painter, was responsible for bringing images from the early 1900s for the first time. Being the greatest painter and illustrator, planted these images in our mind. He drew illustrations in the 1906 Belgian edition, and many others.

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