Watch: A Portal To Other Dimension

An image of a strange object taken above the Netherlands has sparked portal to another dimension theory. Dutch snapper Harry Perton was snapping pictures of stormy night skies over Groningen when a flash appeared as he snapped the shutter. Many believe it could be a wormhole. Wormholes are thought to be openings in space-time to another dimension or another part of the universe.
Mr Perton did not realise anything strange had taken place at the time he took the picture, thinking it must have been a flash of lightning.
But when he reviewed his shots at home, he noticed the mysterious semi-translucent object that looks like an upside down toadstool or jellyfish.
The colour of the object is predominantly turquoise and it has a sunlight-esque jet or beam of light at the base.
After the image made available online, it caused to a craze of speculations, including the wormholes, religious warning, and alien visitations.
Many believe it’s a portal that allows a craft to travel from one end of the universe to another in just seconds. One commenter said that someone mistakenly entered our system and got caught. This particular commenter believes that the craft is entering a wormhole and not leaving.
Others commented that it could be the result of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) being turned back on at twice its original power. The LHC is a massive smashing machine that scientists are using to study the universe.
The image that Mr Perton had snapped is not the first jellyfish-shaped thing to apparently capture on camera, but it seems to be one of the clearest captures so far. One commenter in Malta claimed an entire football team witnessed it when they were playing a football game in Malta on 26th Tuesday at 8:05 pm.
Meanwhile, Mr Perton stays sceptical, believing it could be more of an example of lens flare or a meteorological light trick.

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