Captured Black ‘Flying Saucer’ Hovering Over Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a legendary place to visit in the UK. In fact, it is amongst the best-known attractions around the world. It attracts large numbers of tourists, and each tourist is being drawn to the remarkable layout of the structure and wants to find out more about its history. Aside from the Stonehenge tours, you will not only gain satisfaction, but also makes your travel safe and sound. Unfortunately, Stonehenge is not an exception when it comes to a hotspot for sightings.
The picture captured by a space enthusiast seems to show an unusual object hovering above the stones in Wiltshire days before Summer Solstice. The image was already posted and shared on the UFO Sightings blog along with details about the craft. As David Jacobson claims that the strange flying object was black in color. He estimated the stone to be 20 to 30 feet across. The stone is a common spot for alien or extraterrestrial appearances called “discoid shape,” declassified by the government featuring weird places in the year 2007 and 2009.
There are different theories on Stonehenge. While some people say that it is a place of sun worship or a structure to tell time, others would think that it is a landing site for extraterrestrial life. Some people believe that the incident is related to Mecca for Druids. Nigel Watson is a British UFO investigator and author. As he reviewed the image, he declared Stonehenge as a “magnet” for unexplained activity related to its location on ley lines. These lines are a hypothetical alignment of several places with historical, geographical and paranormal interest.
Despite the fact that there are some fairly convincing ideas out there nobody can be 100% precise regarding why and how the black flying saucer came. Perhaps we will never actually know how or why from such a distance, still, Stonehenge continues to be an incredible spot to experience and possibly someday it will give up its hidden secrets.


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