Celebrity Marnie Simpson Expresses Her Willingness To Pay Aliens To Abduct Her

Marnie Simpson is best known for her Geordie Shore’s wild party antics but apparently also harbors a fondness for supernatural as she claims to have been spotted a UFO.
The 24-year-old television personality took to Twitter to announce her another UFO sighting on the way to the airport.
A mocked-up picture of flying saucers was also posted on Marnie’s Instagram with a caption saying
One fan commented that it could be an airplane while another joked it must be Marnie’s dodgy contact lenses. A third thought it could have been an oddly shaped plane as she was on her way to an airport.
Marnie is not the first celebrity to share their extraterrestrial related experiences. Zayn Malik and Danny Dyer revealed they believe in the creatures outside planet Earth.
The 1D star Zayn claimed he left the boy band after a visitation from a being from outer space in his dream.
EastEnders actor Danny was part of the 2010 documentary titled “I Believe In UFOs,” which featured his visits around the world, particularly on the locations where aliens sightings were often reported. He told during interviews that he had seen UFOs, which certainly not an airplane, balloon or a Chinese lantern.
Also, pop singer Demi Lovato recently shared her UFO encounter and her belief in life beyond Earth. She said the encounter took place while she was walking outside and seeing a worm-like shape in the sky. She noticed that it changed form and moved all over the place.

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