The Story Of An Encounter With The Blond Aliens

K.: — I have had contact with extraterrestrial beings, it is true, they were real, sometimes I asked them “how does this work? What is it? etc.” and they answered me, showed me, but not all I knew, and I had to stop the narrator. In advance – names, names I don’t know, they said, “call it what you want, still I will forget it”
They are tall, about 2 meters; similar to human beings; light, almost white skin; blond hair, closer to straw color.

They communicated mentally, mostly they gave me explained a lot, “how it works, how to behave etc.” they were Dressed in rank, high in the white color clothes, like a robe, only more tight. Creatures smaller, something like a shirt with trousers, white or approximately light beige color. One I remember his clothing was a bit different from the others, it from the top as it was a cover-up fastening, the edges of the capes two dark red lines, the top they were than below the wider, but the band ended just below the middle of the body. He looked rather young, but being there I felt that he was very old or “ancient”.

Creatures smaller, I saw that it is always “digging and worked” with technology, and who no longer never noticed. Food. Food was in “cups” somewhere in a height of 30 cm, was dull green in color, thick consistency and they drank it without taste and smell (tried). Every day they have no need, basically every 2-3 days is normal for them and every 7 days.
But the interesting thing is that the skin they have white framework and I thought it was glowing, maybe from her something was gone, but it was visible (especially on hands) that small particles came off from the skin and disappeared, which created a glow effect around 2 — 3 cm from the skin. Dressed in white and some in light blue clothes similar to overalls, where on the blue background on the front were two large white upside down triangle, beginning from the shoulders to the end of the body.

Technique. It is very different from ours. Control of the spacecraft using the power of thought, there is a special chair, and the control panel only consists of two slits for hands.
The chair enhances wave panel, send a signal, sometimes it is combined. (Panel consists of gold or its alloy has a better signal). They have two types of aircraft: space and planetary, they differ in the working principle. Planet — work due to the energy of the planet. Each planet constantly emits energy, the transport at the bottom of the special “crystals” that this energy is collected in two centers and process it in the “attraction” energy. The power of the machine, the lifting height depends on: weight of the machine itself, the power energy of the planet itself (more than the planet, the stronger it is), but power also depends on the height above the earth’s surface. Disadvantage of this transport is obvious – then its orbit will not fly away. The space is divided into two types: the “large” and “small” ships. Small ships use energy storage in the form of our batteries, and designed for space travel.

Large it is not profitable to constantly use this is the reason why they, whenever possible “pull” all possible external energy, converting it into pure energy and used or stored in storage.
Separate beings, among them that they called the highest, except for the space ships of “high” technology is nothing.

At home on their planet, home, creatures, walking, etc., do not even say that it is “high” civilization. Ask “why?” he replied that they no longer needed. And at that moment I realized that the indicator of high level of civilization, not in the technique is…

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