Florida: A Photographer Caught UFOs Over The Sea

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has received images from an unnamed photographer showing a glowing yellow with two bright dots. The unusual flying thing was spotted over the sea at West Palm Beach, Florida.
According to the report, the witness did not see the object when he snapped the pictures but was stunned after noticing it later.
The man said that he spotted two objects in one of the pictures and only one object in another photo. According to the witness’ statement, the photos were taken one morning and could not believe when he realized he captured UFOs in his pictures.
According to some UFO conspiracy theorists, aliens sometimes hide using clouds or invisibility cloak. They said that the mysterious object in the picture was cloaked vessel lowering itself into the ocean. However, they pointed out that the strange object made a mistake by entering the sea during sunset.
They explained that UFO’s cloak becomes visible between 30 seconds and 15 minutes during sunset because the light of the sun bends around the cloaked UFO.
The photograph was snapped in May, but only recently reported to MUFON.