CEFAA Concludes UFO Above Northern Chile Not Made By Man Or Weather Phenomenon

The truth is out there as experts at the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Ariel Phenomena (CEFAA) have concluded that the strange object spotted by several individuals at a copper mine at Collahuasi in northern Chile wasn’t a weather phenomenon or any other known man-made object.
The object was clearly seen in April 2013, and the images of it were delivered to the government. Miners saw how the object hovered approximately 2,000 feet up, exhibiting unusual swoops and transforming into a silvery orb.
Jose Lay of CEFAA said that residents in that area have knowledge of the presence of drones because fishing companies use drones. Lay stressed that this wasn’t a drone.
Based on the image analysis in July 2014, CEFAA experts released a preliminary report naming the object as unidentified. According to the report, witnesses have believed that the object was controlled.
A meteorologist then analysed the evidence and ruled out the possibility of the UFO being a lenticular cloud. Furthermore, an image expert concluded that the photographs correspond to an unidentified object.

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