Former Canadian Defence Minister Hopes To Get Support From The Masses About UFO Disclosure

Stories of alleged UFO cover-ups by world governments have been around for many years. Though no substantial evidence to prove that they’re true, many believe that such high-level secrets exist. Former Canadian defence ministry talks about the alleged cover up in a series of speaking tours.
In the “Disclosure Canada Tour,” keynote speaker Paul Hellyer spoke to the crowd of approximately 400 people at the University of Calgary on Saturday. Canada’s defence minister in the 1960s, Hellyer, and other speakers are on tour. The series of tours is urging the government to release all the classified information about UFOs.
The 91-year-old Ontarian first became vocal about his belief that governments are hiding the truth on the presence of extraterrestrials in 2005. He said UFOs are as common in the sky as airplanes.
Hellyer said that he is committed to spreading the word about his beliefs, and he has showed that in participating the tour.
Hellyer is aware that not much of the media touch about the UFO subject and the disclosure. So, he and other speakers on the tour just have to keep working away. They’re hoping that the day will come where they get the support of the masses, and they’ll say in once voice, “Prime Minister or President we want the truth now because it affects our lives.”
The tour is scheduled for another session on Sunday in Vancouver.

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