The Christa Tilton Story

The following is from an article titled “GOING UNDERGROUND”, written by abductee Christa Tilton — an attractive Blond or ‘Nordic-appearing’ woman who relates some remarkable contactee and abduction type experiences which she has had involving the Dulce base.

Christa was kind enough to take the time to contribute her own fascinating experiences to this work and answer several of my questions so that other abductees, like herself, might better understand their own confusing encounters with alien abductors or even underground facilities:

“Several months ago I became aware of two different cases, one in May of 1973 in which a Judy Doraty of Texas had an unusual experience in which she may have been taken to an underground facility; also an abduction case investigated by APRO and a Mr. Paul Bennewitz in which in May of 1980 a Myrna Hansen of New Mexico had a similar experience in which she was taken to some type of underground facility.

“Since I am doing the investigation into my own underground experience, I found that to be of help to me or anyone else that might have experienced anything similar, I was going to have to make myself read their transcripts. For months I would procrastinate because I suppose, subconsciously, I did not really want to relive this experience I had — by reading about another persons’ experiences.

Now I am glad I did. I finally am going to reveal some of the many correlation’s of all three of our cases in hopes that others will come forward with more information.

“My experience happened in July of 1987. I had about a three hour ‘missing time’ in which later, under hypnosis, I relived the most unusual night of my life… I did not go willingly to the craft. Two small aliens dragged me by my two arms on my back to the craft after they rendered me unconscious.

The next thing I remember is waking up on a table inside some type of small craft. A ‘guide’ greeted me and gave me something to drink. I now believe it was a stimulant of some kind because I was not sleepy after I drank the substance. I was taken out of the craft and when I looked around I noticed I was standing on top of a hill. It was dark, but I saw a faint light near a cavern. We walked up to this area and it is then that I saw a man, dressed in a red military-type jump suit [like a pilot would wear]. My guide seemed to know this man as he greeted him as we came closer.

I also noticed he wore some type of patch and was carrying an automatic weapon. When we walked into the tunnel, I realized we were going right into the side of a large hill or mountain. There we were met with another guard in red and I then saw a computerized check-point with two cameras on each side. To my left was a large groove where a small transit vehicle carried you further inside.

To my right it looked like a long hallway where there were many offices. We took the transit car and went for what seemed to be a very long time to another secured area. It was then that I was told to step onto some type of scale-like device that faced a computer screen. I saw lights flashing and numbers computing and then a card was issued with holes punched into it. I would later realize it was used as identification inside a computer.

I asked my guide where we were going and why. He didn’t say too much the whole time except that he was to show me some things that I need to know for future reference. He told me that we had just entered Level One of the ‘facility’. I asked what kind of facility it was and he did not answer.

“This story is so very long and detailed and I hope to write more about it so I will [only] highlight some of the things that I saw… I was taken to a huge looking elevator that had no door. It was like a very large dumb-waiter.

It took us down to Level Two where there were two guards in a different color jumpsuit and I had to go down a large hall and saw many offices that had computers that lined the wall. As we walked by, I noticed the lighting was strange in that I could not see a source for it.

Other people walked by and never once acted like I was a stranger. I felt I was in a huge office building where there are many employees with many offices and cubicles. I then saw an extremely large area which looked like a giant factory. There were small alien-type craft parked at the sides. Some were being worked on underneath and it was then that I saw my first grey-type alien. They seemed to be doing the menial jobs and never once did they look up as we passed. There were cameras posted every where.

“Then we arrived at another elevator and went down to Level Five. It was then that I felt a sense of extreme fear and balked. My guide explained that as long as I was with him that I would not be harmed. So we got off and I saw guards posted there at the checkpoint. This time they were not friendly and were issuing orders right and left.

I noticed that two of the guards seemed to be arguing about something and they kept looking over at me. I wanted to find the closest exit out of this place, but I know I had come too far for that. This time I was asked to change clothes.

I was told to put on what looked to me like a hospital gown, only thank God there was a back to it! I did as I was told because I didn’t want to cause any trouble. I stepped onto this scale-like device and suddenly the screen lighted up and I heard strange tones and frequencies that made my ears hurt. What I really thought was strange is that these guards saluted the guide I was with although he was not wearing any military clothes.

He was dressed in a dark green jumpsuit, but it had no insignia that I know of. He told me to follow him down this corridor. As I passed the guard station, I noticed the humming of those cameras as they watched my every move. I was taken down another hall and it was then that I smelled this horrid smell. Contrary to Judy and Myrna’s stories, I knew what I was smelling or at least I thought I knew. It smelled like formaldehyde. Because of my medical background I felt probably more comfortable with this situation because I had gone through it so many times before.

“We came to a large room and I stopped to look inside. I saw these huge large tanks with computerized gauges hooked to them and a huge arm-like device that extended from the top of some tubing down into the tanks. The tanks were about 4 feet tall so standing where I was I could not see inside them.

I did notice a humming sound and it looked as if something was being stirred inside the tanks. I started to walk closer to the tanks and it was at that time that my guide grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly out into the hall. He told me that it wasn’t necessary to see the contents of the tanks; that it would only complicate matters. So we went on down the hallway and then he guided my arm into a large laboratory.

“I was amazed because I had worked in [a laboratory] before and I was seeing machines that I had never seen before. It was then I turned and saw a small grey being with his back turned doing something at a counter. I heard the clinking of metal against metal. I had only heard this when I was preparing my surgical instruments for my doctor in surgery.

Then my guide asked me to go and sit down on the table in the middle of the room. I told him that I wouldn’t do it and he said it would be much easier if I would comply. He was not smiling and I was scared. I did not want to be left in this room with this grey alien!

“About the time I was thinking this a human man entered. He was dressed like a doctor, with a white lab coat on and the same type of badge I was issued. My guide went to greet him and they shook hands. I began shaking and I was cold. The temperature seemed awfully cold.

My guide smiled at me and told me he would be waiting outside and I would only be there for a few minutes. I began to cry. I cry when I get scared. The grey alien looked at me and turned around to continue what he was doing. The doctor called for more assistance and it was then that one other grey alien came in.

The next thing I knew I was very drowsy. I knew I was being examined internally and when I lifted my head, I saw this horrid grey alien glaring at me with large black eyes. It was then I felt a stabbing pain. I screamed and then the human doctor stood next to me and rubbed something over my stomach. It was cold. The pain immediately subsided. I could not believe this was happening to me all over again.

I begged for them to let me go, but they just kept on working very fast. After they were finished, I was told to get up and go into this small room and change back into my other clothes. I noticed blood, as if I had started my period.

But, I continued to get dressed and when I came out I saw my guide speaking to the doctor in the corner of the room. I just stood there… helpless. I felt more alone then than I ever had in my life. I felt like a guinea pig. After we left that laboratory I was silent. I was angry at him for allowing this to happen to me ‘again’. But he said it was necessary. Told me to forget.

“I see more aliens pass us in the hall. Again, it is as if I was a ghost. I asked my guide to please explain this place to me. He told me it was a very sensitive place and I would be brought back again in the next few years.

I again asked where I was and he told me I could not be told for my own safety.

We then got into the small transit car and it took us to the other side. It was there that I saw the most disturbing things of all. Unlike the other two women (Myrna Hansen of New Mexico who was abducted to the Dulce base in May of 1980, and Judy Doraty of Texas who had a similar experience in May of 1973 that was investigated by APRO and Paul Bennewitz – Branton) who saw cows being mutilated, I saw what looked to me to be people of all different types standing up against the wall inside a clear casing-like chamber. I went closer and it looked ‘as if’ they were wax figures. I could not understand what I was seeing. I also saw animals in cages. They were alive…”

At this point the ‘guide’ escorted Christa to the elevator and up through the various levels, following which the transit car took her to the waiting alien craft, at which point she was returned to her home some three hours after her abduction experience had begun.

Incidentally, Christa claims to have also experienced contacts with human-like beings from other worlds. One alien by the name of ‘Maijan’ who has dealt with Christa all her life has always worn an emblem of a feathered serpent, possibly symbolic of the ancient Mayan deity Quetzalcoatl.

He also claims to have ancestors from the Aztec and Mayan race, as do several of the ‘Telosians’ inhabiting the colony under Mt. Shasta, California. Christa Tilton admits that of the human-like Pleiadeans and Lyrans she has encountered [aside from her encounters with short and tall Greys] range from the strict non-interventionists to the imperialistic factions who believe that conquering planet earth is justified as a means to subdue their perceived enemies on or below the surface of this planet.

This might imply that the ‘Draconians’ have, as many sources claim, maintained underground command centers beneath the surface of planet earth — from where they direct many of their interventionist interstellar activities.

In addition to the above, Christa Tilton was kind enough to answer some questions for this present volume in regards to her own experiences. These questions and answers follow:

INTRODUCTION BY CHRISTA: I’ve been investigating underground bases and Dulce — actually underground bases all over the world — since 1987… I’ve had some good experiences and I’ve had some bad experiences [with aliens, etc.]

QUESTION: Have you seen any people who were being held captive underground, during your abductions to Dulce and other bases?

ANSWER: First of all let me state [that] there is more evidence NOW to prove that a base DID indeed exist back in 1987 when I was abducted (About 8 years following the Dulce wars, after which joint-interaction ceased for a period of two years – Branton), and it was in the process of being dismantled. A lot of times the government will have underground bases for different purposes, and then will shut them down, board them up, concrete them in or whatever, and go on and built another base somewhere else. What I will tell you is this. Let me stick with the question.

You asked me did I see any people being held captive during that abduction to Dulce? I remember seeing some individuals as I was walking by. They looked as if they were in suspended animation. I went up to the clear casings that they were being held in. I put my hands on the casing and leaned towards them to see if I could get some kind of a response. I did not. I could not discern whether they were dead or alive at that point in time.

They were just not moving, and I could not see whether or not there was any fluid. I think that the casings were free of any fluid in this particular case. As far as my being taken to any other bases right now, I’m not going to comment on that because I’m still researching that.

There has been speculation by, and information from, an Air Force officer at KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE that I along with some other women and men have been, more than likely, abducted and taken to the underground research facility near Kirtland AFB. It’s in the Manzano mountain range south of KIRTLAND AFB where the nuclear testing was going on at that time.

(NOTE: KIRTLAND AFB is the base where the ‘division’ within the Intelligence Community over the Dulce facility and related joint-interaction projects seems to have begun, one that initially involved Col. Doty, Col. Edwards, the Wing Commander and others, a division between the anti-Grey U.S. Navy factions in the CABAL/COM-12 — backed by the ‘Electorate’ government; and their opposition, the pro-Grey NSA factions in AQUARIUS/MAJI — backed by the ‘Corporate’ government. – Branton)

Q: Did any of your alien or human contacts mention the Dulce Wars?

A: No. The alien beings that I came in contact with while underground did not speak to me. The human contacts did but no, they did not mention any kind of wars going on there. So at that particular time I was not aware of any kind of a power-struggle going on. I was just taken there for a specific purpose I think, and once that was done I was rushed out of there and I don’t think any kind of knowledge like that in particular would have been given to me, there wouldn’t have been any reason to give it to me.

Q: What kinds of reptilians, if any, have you encountered.

A: I am almost virtually positive that… I don’t believe I have come across any reptilian aliens at all. The only types that I’ve been associated with most of my life have been small grey aliens, the ones that I call workers. These are beings that I believe are soulless beings that are workers FOR an established alien race.

They are given certain chores, certain jobs, just like we would if we worked for a large company…There are some taller Grey alien beings that I have encountered. Even though their eyes are large and dark, they don’t have that ‘reptilian’ look. I know. I know what you’re talking about and no, I really haven’t encountered any of those. (Of course from many other accounts, most of the ‘Greys’ are reptilian BASED clones which have assimilated other genetics from insectoid or even plant-like life-forms. Outwardly they — the clones especially — do not normally appearance obviously ‘reptilian’, which is likely the reason why they are most commonly used to ‘interface’ with planetary intelligence agencies.

The “established alien race” that the Greys are working for, according to many sources, are the taller more ‘reptiloid’ appearing species including the “white draco” — resident within levels six and seven, levels which Christa does not recall entering. – Branton)

Q: Do you know of any other bases that researchers may be unaware of?

A: That’s a great question, really, because right now I’m working with two individuals from Great Britain. They’re two wonderful researchers who have been associated with Timothy Good. I don’t know if you’ve read his material, “ABOVE TOP SECRET”. It’s a wonderful book to get and read. Also “ALIEN LIAISON” is another one. But yes, I am aware of many, many, many underground facilities or bases that are being used for different purposes.

Most of the underground bases are being used for covert purposes or otherwise purposes involving govenment’s who are doing certain types of testing that they consider would be safer to do underground. And then there are the bases, one in particular north of Tucson, Arizona, where I’m almost positive I was taken to, it goes under the cover or name of “Evergreen Aviation”. They have all the planes there and everything, but what I found during my ten years of research is that this is a CIA-backed or based facility. I got very, very close to the facility, I climbed over the wired fence and sneaked in with a pilot friend of mine not long ago and got some great photographs of some black helicopters.

These black helicopters were unmarked. There were other types of aircraft there, and so we really believe that there are many many bases in many states. I’ve heard of bases in almost every state here in the United States. Now the two individuals that I’m doing work for or research with in Great Britain especially are researching underground bases in America and in Great Britain.

I guess they contacted me because they felt like there was a tie-in or some kind of connection, and that it would be a good thing to work together and share information and see what types of facilities we can find out about. In a lot of the facilities they are doing medical testing, some are actual laboratories like Los Alamos laboratories.

They do massive amounts of covert work for Black Projects of our own government, so we’re talking about installations, underground and above ground, that are doing things that we probably have no idea about. We hear rumors of course of different things that are going on. What I would venture to guess is that more than likely these rumors have been proven about 90% of the time to be true.

Q: My belief is that the Greys operate from base animal or predatory instincts in their agendas to increase their power-base and exploit other cultures, and that they will continue to do so as a collective until they are stopped by force. Some of the Greys I believe might be ‘tamed’ by humans so to speak, and attain a degree of emotional individuality IF they can be severed from the collective HIVE mind. What are your views on this?

A: I agree with you on most of that… Certainly the Greys seem to do things like a massive collective consciousness. I’ve noticed that they do things together, there is almost no discussion among themselves. They seem to be working on projects or on certain things that are given to them by higher-ups, or higher alien beings and/or humans.

I really couldn’t tell you. I have my doubts that humans would be able to ‘tame’ any kind of alien intelligence here on earth. If indeed it looks like humans are working among the Greys together, that more than likely it was because of a pact or some type of a government agreement…

I believe these aliens have come here for reasons, and certain individuals in the government have been given orders by their higher-ups to either give them opportunities to work alongside of these [aliens] for maybe a one-world purpose. Unless it could be shown to me to be true that the humans tamed these Greys that were working along-side with me, or on me, that would be very difficult for me to believe.

Q: Have you had encounters with any Nazi-type aliens like those described by Barney Hill, Alex Christopher, Vladimir Terziski and others, alien ‘fascists’ who date back to the secret Nazi flying disk experiments and who are allegedly working with the Greys and Reptiloids?

A: I’ve hard of these Nazi aliens. Of course where I first heard about them was from TAL LeVesque back in 1987. No I have never come in contact with what I would call Nazi type aliens although since most of my experiences have involved medical experimentation, genetic experimentation on me and my daughter or family, I would have to say that it reeks almost of… If you think about the medical experiments that were done on the Jews during the Holocaust, that is what I equate some of the experiments that happened to me with. It’s strange because I’m part German, I come from a family that originally came FROM Germany, so I do have some German blood in me, but I’m not leaning one way or the other and as far as being a BIGOT is concerned, I’m very very open to all races, creeds, colors of people working together to establish a wonderful world, if that would be possible.

But anyway, no I have not encountered these Nazi types, and I’ve certainly heard a lot about them, I’ve heard they are very mean-spirited aliens, I don’t know what their agenda is… Since I’ve not had contacts with these types I really have no reason to do any research on them, and also the same goes for the [tall] reptilians, although many many friends and other researchers have contacted me telling their tales about reptilian alien races…

Q: What are your views of a possible CONGRESSIONALLY backed take-over of the Dulce base in the future, and what would be your views on dealing with the problem supposing the Greys don’t surrender?

A: Through all of the research that I’ve done, and all of the proof that I’ve come up with the many times that I’ve been up there poking around with researchers and other individuals, we’re almost positive now — I don’t know if you’ve even heard, you may have heard the rumor, or thought it was a rumor — but I am of the belief system now that this base is or was deserted and is no longer being used by OUR government. For what reason I’m not sure.

I believe a lot of it had to do with — if there was indeed a military action there, which we have found proof of. We found some spent military cartridge shells up near where we think one of the base openings is. We found C-Ration cans, we found different types of antennas that the government would have used for communications. These are things that have been found up in these mountainous areas. If you’ve ever been there you’ll know what I’m talking about. These things tell me and my research partner that indeed there was some type of a military response there in the past. The areas I speak about, that my research partner who lives in the area claims were some of the openings to the base, have been concreted, cemented up. Now that’s been done by somebody. So we know that some type of government official company… we believe it was a CIA-backed organization that was there…

In my Dulce papers I show an area of a ranch just north of the Archuleta mesa area (Refer to Christa’s research papers on Dulce at the address given at the end of this section for current discoveries in regards to Dulce and several provocative illustrations, diagrams and photographs of the same – Branton), we’ve been unable to track or find the individuals who have owned this property now for many years. What we’ve been told by the individuals who lived in or around the area, is that there is a landing strip on that particular property, there are large towers…

I did get onto the property, and close up enough to get pictures of these bullet-proof towers that were sitting on the property. There WERE about 20, and there are only 5 there now. We’re wondering why they were taken out, and where were they taken? Anyway I’ve got pictures of those. These are not just fire towers. Some people try to explain them away by saying “Oh, those are just so our ranchers could go up into the towers and look for fires,” and things like that.

The strange part about this is that you walk up the towers and there is dark black glass… you can’t look in to see, and it’s bullet proof. And what’s strange is the opening… you are unable to get into these towers. We don’t know if they were just put there for show, we don’t really know exactly what they are, but we believe they were placed there for some reason.

We have no understanding of that. There have been sightings of planes, small Lear jets landing in and out of that area over the years. Nobody in the town of Dulce seems to know who owns that property… My research partner did track down someone who did own the property over 20 years ago, but after that it seemed to go into covert hands. The property also had what looked like a small wooden house.

You could just walk in there, it’s been evacuated and there’s nothing in there. This type of facility or front for an underground base in that area would be perfect, because this area was cordoned off by what we believe at one time was an electrified fence which they said was used to keep the cattle out. We believe that it was used for another purpose because of the signs posted all over — NO TRESPASSING, and these were the types of signs that you would see up near AREA-51, and so we have to wonder what was going on upon that property.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN”, I saw it the other day, just haven’t seen it in a long time. The underground facility that they went to [in the movie] was stationed on kind of a muck-up farm, where they went into the farm house and went into something like a tool shed, and then all of a sudden this elevator starts going down and down and down.

And what they found once they went down was a massive underground biological testing facility. I have to believe that these types of facilities are all over in every state. So then, back to the question. If there was a military takeover it already happened, and the base was closed…

Again there’s no proof there. Some of the Indians who live on Jicarilla Apache land, these people are very very closed, they don’t talk to outsiders. The information that I got was only from an inside source, and I can only tell you what one Jicarilla Apache Indian told his dear friend of many years there.

He said that he was going up through the mountainous areas there, up through the Archuleta mesa and back into the hills, and was walking along-side of a ledge. All of a sudden he felt some dirt falling on his head.

And so of course, if you were walking around in this deserted area and you felt something fall on your head, you’re immediate response would be to look up. And he did, he looked up and he said what he saw horrified him. This is a man, he’s a man in his 60’s. This man looked up and saw… this is what he told his friend, “I saw a grey being with large black inky eyes staring down at me over a ledge, and it looked like a large rock had been swiveled out, was sticking out of the side of the mountain.”

And he did a double-take, he looked away like someone who would rub their eyes and say, “Oh, I’m just seeing things,” but then he looked back up and he saw it again. Well this time he said he took off and he ran, he was running for his life. He was very, very frightened, scared, and what’s strange is that this man is friends of the men high-up in the Jicarilla Apache tribal council, but he has kept this secret from everyone except my research partner. And he told him that when he got back he was shaking, he was very, very frightened.

So THIS tells me — and this just happened during the past couple years (this interview took place in the winter of 1996 – Branton), so this tells me that THERE ARE STILL GREY ALIENS inhabiting some part of that base. Interesting question there that you had because if indeed there is still part of the base that’s still inhabited (why would the Greys only use ‘part’ of the base after it had become even more secure, with the ‘sealing’ of many of the outer entrances? – Branton) by the Grey beings, then certainly if there is a problem there might NEED to be a Congressional-backed military take-over of that base, or they may have just left it alone, just said “let the people of Dulce worry about the aliens, we don’t want to deal with them any more.”

I don’t really know what happened during the military events that they had there, I don’t really know what happened, I just know that… I’m almost POSITIVE that there was some type of a confrontation!

So any way, who knows, who can say for sure? All I know is that a lot of these individuals that come up with different stories, these are individuals who are not the type of people to just come across with a tale, in fact [many of them] are not interested in UFO’s, they’re not interested in any of this. In fact when the subject is brought up they really just don’t want to talk about it to you.

It’s very hard to get access into that community. I have had a lot of problems getting answers, but thank God one of my research partners, his father lives there, he’s lived there all his life. And this young man was brought up there [Dulce]. He knows what happens there, he knows what all the rumors and tales are, and he knows what all the Indians have seen.

Q: Have you been taken to any other planets or spheres during your abductions?

A: Not that I know of, however I [remember] that I was taken to some type of large massive ship, it had to have been a mother ship. This thing was massive, it was miles and miles and miles long. I’m not sure exactly where I was. I recieved some instructions while I was there. There were “light beings” there.

They looked like angelic beings, only without the wings. They were wearing long robes, and I was taken into an area where they had a podium and a teacher that came out and was teaching the people who were there. These people were human, I did not see any aliens [greys] at THAT time, so I’m not sure exactly where I was.

Q: Did you ever get to see what was inside the ‘tanks’?

A: No, not during the Dulce experience. I started to walk up to the tank. It smelled very foul. It was an odor that only I can identify as being close to a sulfuric type of odor. I remember when I first went in to the medical field we were invited downtown to view an autopsy, and the formaldehyde they use there has a sickening sweet smell, its a smell that is very difficult to try and explain to somebody who has not smelled it before, but I can say that it smelled a lot like that.

The officer, the military man that was with me, guiding me, would NOT allow me up to the tank to look inside. I can only speculate that there was something in there that may have been frightening to me, because he reacted very quickly to stop me. You asked if there were both breeding and feeding tanks. I believe so, because from what I’ve been told by some of the other women who saw these tanks, some of them saw body parts inside.

The type of tanks that I saw were used for breeding and cultivation of small alien beings.

The only thing that I can describe it as is of being [like] a fake womb. A woman carries her child in her uterus, well these types of breeding tanks that you’re talking about were used to cultivate the fetus’ that they extract from the individuals that they abduct and take there. They extract the fetus like they have done with me MANY times, and I believe they place it in this type of a tank, a glass [looking] breeding tank.

Q: What do you think most of the hybrids feel about the position they are in? (Note: I intended the question to mean the humanoid fetus’ who have been infused with non-human, cattle, cetacean or Grey, etc. DNA and who are kept in the underground bases or on ships. However Christa took the question to mean the TERRAN-NORDIC alien hybrids like herself and her daughter who were living in OUR surface-world society. – Branton)

A: That’s such a very good question and not many people ask that… I myself being a hybrid have felt that I do not fit in anywhere. I still feel like I don’t “fit in” to this day. I know I don’t, I know I’m different, and I don’t try to tell everybody that either. I just have accepted it and go on with my life, but I can assure you that every hybrid I’ve spoken to has told me, has tried to explain to me the emptiness and the feelings that they feel.

They feel almost like they don’t belong here on earth. I certainly feel [that] I don’t belong here.

Q: If the outer world gets a hold of the Dulce technology and begins using it to colonize other worlds, could this alleviate the population, economic, environmental and other problems that this planet faces? In other words take away the IMPOSED barriers that have kept us earth-bound and in essence finally let us “out of the cradle”, so to speak?

The Greys for one do not wish Terrans to gain interstellar advantages and so become a threat to their own empirical agendas, and operating through various power-cults on earth they have succeeded in keeping interplanetary technology out of our hands and robbing us of our resources to finance the joint subterran and exterran projects, many of which projects and bases have been taken-over entirely by their own kind and at our expense.

Once robbed of our resources the Greys use their psychological slaves on Earth to set us against each other and then turn around and say: “Ha, you people are too violent to be allowed to have interstellar technology!”

Although there have been technology exchanges, it would seem that they are either being used as a ruse by the Greys to gain access to our society so that they can impose a global electronic dictatorship, and/or it is technology that is being provided by the Federation ‘Nordics’ so that they can help defend planet earth for the mutual benefit of themselves and their human ‘cousins’ on earth. What do you think about all of this?

A: I believe without a doubt that we have been working on projects to colonize the moon, underground, and also to colonize Mars… I’ve talked with scientists, I’ve talked with former NASA astronauts who believe without a doubt that this is what’s going on.

They don’t feel like its anything alien, some of the astronauts say they felt like, well this is just a technology that we’ve developed on our own, and that certainly population is a problem that you have to think about way in advance and that humans have come to all of these conclusions themselves. I disagree, I think that it was an alien technology that was given to us (and/or recovered from “crash sites”? – Branton), and I think that we’re running with it, and we’ve already started.

Like with the Biosphere, a lot of people think that that is just for learning about our ecology and things like that, plants, animals and all of that. I know that was a front. I know of a lot of things that went on underground there. That is also an underground facility, it’s a massive facility and it’s a wonderful facility. The technology there being tested was alien technology.

All this will be used when they start to colonize the moon and Mars. These are the two ‘planets’ right now, actually the moon not so much being a planet (some argue that the Earth-Moon system is actually a “double planet”. As for other planets, it might be logical to begin with the polar regions of Venus and the equatorial regions of Mars. – Branton) but a satellite of earth, but certainly its a stepping-stone away from earth to other places, and this is what’s going on, I have no doubt about it.

I’ve talked to too many scientists who’ve worked on covert or black projects for our government who have said that’s exactly what we’re doing… (I suppose the question I really had was is it actually OUR technology, or is it to be used ONLY by the alien-controlled “human elite” and NOT for the masses, who are instead to be “de-populated” through wars, plagues, infanticide and other genocidel eugenical methods? – Branton) I really believe that we don’t have much longer here as a people to survive on earth, the climate will be vastly changing… so we have to have the technology to go somewhere else.

That’s what many of the aliens did themselves [long ago]. The aliens that I’ve dealt with, the Ones who came from the constellation of Lyra… they actually had a massive explosion on their planet (caused by invading reptilian forces from Alpha Draconis, as some contactee accounts suggest? – Branton).

They had to evacuate and migrated to the Pleiadean constellation where they knew other alien civilizations were already living. There are many different types of Pleiadean aliens, I cannot stress this enough to people who say, well there’s only one Pleiadean race… (Note: The Pleiades star cluster actually consists of over 200 stars, or those stars INCLUDING SOL which ultimately revolve around the central stars of the Pleiadean cluster, more commonly known as the “seven sisters” – Branton)

Some of ‘my’ people also came into our system and settled on Mars, but something happened on that planet that forced them to go underground to live.

Q: What would you consider the greatest weakness of the Greys to be? A: I can tell you right now that the main weakness of the Greys is that they have no soul, they are soulless. Do not allow them to tell you otherwise. Some of them have been known to try to impart some type of [false] religious philosophies on people that they’ve abducted, and the thing is you have to realize that these aliens have their own agenda, and its not something that I feel is a positive one really.

So I have found out from dealing with them most of my life, they are soulless, they have no soul, and when it comes to my religious beliefs or background — I’m not afraid to say it, I’m a Christian, I believe in God, I believe in one ultimate being… God, who created all, all alien beings of all kinds… all different constellations where people have COLONIZED throughout the universe… beings, animals, things we probably have no idea about.

Certainly I have to believe that the Greys are, the only way I can describe it is that they are an empty, empty case… There’s nothing there other than a superior technology type of brain apparatus up in their skull area. Otherwise they are of no use to us really, they are really of no use. They are used to impart different technologies and give us information, but as far as trusting them, I do not trust them as far as I could throw them.

Q: What do you think our greatest strength as human beings is?

A: Well, our greatest strength is our belief in God… our greatest strength is [that] ability… and our only connection with each race is our connection with that one Supreme being, God. Now I do believe that God saw at some point in our history the need for someone to guide us into the positive way of living, I believe [that] Jesus was born as an example of the way that God would want us to live our lives…

If we believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the one and only God, then we have to believe that this is all true. I believe that He, Jesus, will be coming back… I believe in angels, I collect angels [artistic representations].

My best friend in Wisconsin sends be angel cards all the time, and I send her angel this, angel that, angel jewelry, angel statures, everything because I believe truly that angels walk among us. Believe me I have seen them, I’ve dealt with them, I have spoken with them (for example, her experience aboard the “mother ship”. However in THAT CASE we would have to ask if they were standing or fallen angels such as the rebel ‘angels’ or fallen ‘light beings’ that have been seen by abductees working in collaboration with Greys and Reptiloids on their starships? – Branton)…

I have several close calls where I can only state that these angels have appeared out of just nowhere and saved my life, so I just have to believe that these are Gods beings [servants]… they’re wonderful.

(Note: Not wishing to detract from this atmosphere, however I do feel compelled to say that one should not trust any and every being that claims to be an ‘angel’. For instance fallen or rebel angels can state in all sincerity that they are ‘angels’ and they would be correct — however they might not tell you which ‘variety’ of angel they are, or which side of the angelic conflict they serve, since there are BOTH standing and fallen angels.

Fortunately however, there are twice as many standing angels in this universe as there are fallen angels, although the fallen angels seem to have a particular fascination with planet earth in that the nethermost depths of this planet is apparently the realm that they have chosen to make their “last stand” or their “command headquarters” — in alliance with the serpent races which they incarnate — in their ancient conflict with Michael and his legions of standing angels.

The 12th chapter of Revelation is revealing in this regard, as it seems to generally convey a picture of a war in heaven between humanoids who are backed by standing angels and reptiloids who are backed by rebel angels, as well as a prophecy that the reptilian power-bases among the stars will be broken as the draconian forces retreat back to earth to make their last stand, and in so doing they from their cavernous empire will back and support a global dictatorship in a desperate effort to gain human allies for one last ditch “do or die” assault on the heavenly dominions.

The thing to remember would be to use caution, since rebel angels have the ability to appear as “angels of light” to those who they are capable of deceiving. So examine their messages as though your soul depended on it, if you do happen to encounter such a being or beings. As for the Draconians themselves, in all fairness ‘individual’ reptiloids are not the ultimate ‘enemy’, the enemy is the LUCIFERIAN COLLECTIVE under which they serve, and the same can be said for the New World Order which is prophesied in the Book of Revelation — those who are enslaved in this system by choice or deception are not the ultimate enemy, the Luciferian SYSTEM itself is the enemy!

Something that is not often considered is the reptilian’s perspective in regards to physical and spiritual survival. One of the problems is that the reptilians are intelligent and sentient enough — thanks in part to the Luciferians who aided in destroying the original immortal status of both mankind and beasts — to realize that when they die physically, they also die spiritually, due to the fact that they have no inherent ‘soul’. The reptilians fully realize this, and it terrifies them to no end.

One of the reasons for the ‘hybrid’ projects is not only to develop certain physical attributes within their race, but most importantly to give their posterity a ‘soul’ so that they can survive beyond the grave, hopefully in an eternity of bliss rather than one of torment.

We should not say that because a being has reptilian ‘genes’, they are as a result ‘evil’. Evil is not genetic, but a choice one makes. Because of the fact that many of the reptilians are mere ‘cells’ in a Luciferian collective ‘HIVE’, it is not the individual reptilians that are at fault [if there is in fact such a thing as ‘individual’ reptilians] so much as it is the HIVE itself. The HIVE must be the target of our attacks and especially any particular power-centers or mainframes that guide the Hive.

Attempts should be made by humanoids on earth and beyond to attack the Hive and break individual reptilian ‘cells’ free from its constraints. Once they are free and allowed to develop emotional individuality they should be given the choice to submit unconditionally to those Andro-Pleiadean Federation humanoid societies for instance who have succeeded in taming their own base ‘animal’ natures.

Since the reptiloids — and especially the collective itself, lacking soul — do not have the capability to ‘TAME’ their own base predatory instincts, man-KIND must do this for them [GENESIS 1:28; 3:1,14-15].

Those reptilians which will not submit to re-programming and refuse to SURRENDER to this process, should give up their right to experience a ‘supervised’ free agency and should as a result be subdued by FORCE… otherwise the human races throughout the galaxy or even the universe will have to live under eternal chaos — forever plagued and tormented by races driven ONLY by base predatory instincts, because humankind had failed to take responsibility as the divinely-commissioned guardians of the creation.

First however we must accept that a Divine ORDER was originally established for the universe, beginning with the Almighty Creator and descending through the various angelic hierarchies, through humankind, followed by the reptiloid races who originally held a position somewhere between mankind and the beasts, and following this the lower animal kingdoms and finally the nature kingdom itself. This is the original divinely-ordered hierarchy through which divine LIFE from the SOURCE of all creation cascades down from the higher to the lower levels. If this hierarchy is broken like it was as a result of INTERVENTION by the fallen angelic’s, then UNITY and CONTINUITY is destroyed and CHAOS reigns.

So if one gets the sense that this volume is attacking reptilian’s simply because they are reptilian, then they are not looking to the deeper message. I am NOT advocating the all-out extermination of the draconian races, I am only advocating that they must of their own choice OR through force — whichever they ‘choose’ — submit to the divinely-established ORDER which was initiated from the very genesis of intelligent physical life on planet earth, and subsequently throughout the universe itself. – Branton).

The following is “A CASE SIMILAR TO THE TILTON CASE”, as reported by Val Valerian in MATRIX-II, the Donavon Masters story:

“The following is what I believe to be a very real experience, which I believe ties into the experiences of Christa Tilton. Three of my friends and I were taken to what I perceived to be an underground government facility or UFO base. I say ‘friends’ because that is how I perceived them, although I had not met them at the time.

I remember feeling as though I had been drugged, as if everything was kind of going in slow motion. We were placed on and strapped to a conveyor belt by our wrists and ankles. The conveyor was activated and as it began to move, our bodies were passed through blocks of pure intense light.

These blocks of light — perhaps laser scanning devices — were either green or blue in color. At each block of light there was what I perceived to be a robot controller. They also were either green or blue in color. Their color corresponded to the color of the light in front of which they stood. The robots were in human form but with no distinguishable human characteristics. Along the wall in the first room were barrels of some substance which had a very pungent odor. These barrels were stacked, one on top of the other.

“Suddenly we were on a different conveyor belt or at the end of the first one. As the belt moved around a circular console, it stopped. There were two men — human in form and characteristics — seated at the console. One assisted the other. One of them picked up what I thought was a razor and shaved an area on my back left side just below the waist line.

I remember that the spot bled considerably. I was released and they began to do the same procedure on my friends. I remember thinking over and over — ‘What is happening to me?’ He replied, ‘You have just been implanted with your government control extension number.’

I remember grabbing a mirror and looking at the area that bled. The number ’04’ was there. In a very upset manner I turned to a woman in a uniform and exclaimed, ‘You can’t do this to me!’ Incidentally, all of the personnel in this facility wore uniforms.

I then ran back to the console where I was released. By that time my friends had also been released. I hurriedly told them what I had discovered was happening to us. As I was speaking, the two men at the console were gathering materials hurriedly, in what seemed like an attempt to escape. In particular I remember the man that had implanted the number on me had a computer print-out list. He protected this list with his life, as my friends and I ran after him and the other man.

They escaped through a set of double doors (was the drug-induced state of semi-consciousness beginning to wear off unexpectedly? – Branton). I sincerely believe that Christa Tilton was also in this facility at that time — although I don’t think this was our first meeting.

“I will never forget the first time I talked with Christa on the phone. It was September 20, 1987. I felt as though I was hearing the voice of an old friend, as though I had known her all my life. She later sent me a picture of herself which only solidified that feeling. When I saw that picture I had flashbacks of seeing her aboard a craft! It was a very emotional moment for me, seeing her again.

Since that time a beautiful and enduring friendship of unconditional love has developed. She is truly a flower in the garden of my life and a TRUE friend.

Like Christa, I have been plagued by intense, repetitive dreams of meetings and communications with what appear to be non-human, other-worldly beings. I am also continually frustrated by my inability to learn the truth about my experiences, although Christa has been a tremendous help in my search for the truth — proving that when people work together for a common goal, much is accomplished…

“Although Christa and myself are not alone, I suggest that there are thousands out there like ourselves, perhaps afraid to seek out help and a better understanding of their experiences because of the fear of ridicule. It is a truth that sometimes life can be very cruel because of the ignorance or lack of knowledge concerning this vast, exotic subject.

Then maybe some, like the ostrich, stick their heads in the sand because they are afraid to question their own fates.”