Illuminati Whistleblower

Leo Lyon Zagami, ex-member of the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico – the Masonic Executive Committee – of Monte Carlo, was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati.

He is a 33rd degree Freemason, and a senior member of the infamous P2 Lodge. He was the ‘Prince’: prepared to take over after the older Illuminati ‘King’, Licio Gelli.

He was born of a Scottish-Sicilian Illuminati aristocratic bloodline, and so has been involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

Disgusted with satanic black magic rituals, and with the true intentions of those who regard themselves as the elite controllers of the planet, he has now made the commitment to tell the real story of those who seek to rule us all without our consent.

Quick, intelligent, likeable, passionate, and with a huge amount of information at his fingertips about the inside workings of the Powers that Be, Leo welcomed us into his house in Oslo, Norway, where he lives in what might be called exile.

In our two hour interview we were barely able to scratch the surface of everything he knows, and what we present is a summary for those unfamiliar with the labyrinthine details of one of the most important stories of our time.

However, he seems to have paid a price for talking to us on camera. Days after our interview, his wife Fatma Süslü, of Turkish descent but an aspiring Norwegian politician, left him – accusing us at Project Camelot, in the process, of being agents. Immediately after her departure he was temporarily imprisoned and his cellphone and computers were confiscated by the police. He intends to leave Norway for safer shores as soon as he can make the arrangements.

For more details on what has recently occurred, Leo copied us these letters he wrote to Greg Szymanski and Henry Makow (below inserts) on 8 and 13 March respectively.

From Leo Zagami
to Greg Szymanski
8 March 2008

Dear Greg,
After the recent events unfortunately I’m not feeling too well. It has been the worst experience in my life.

First I get abandoned by my wife who leaves me on the 23rd of February taking also my only son away from me after stating that I was becoming a problem for the interreligious dialogue of the Methuselah Gulen Movement and I wasn’t a good Muslim for her.

Then she also said that my dangerous stand against the Vatican driven New World Order was damaging the possibility of her return into politics in Norway, later after she left she even written in a SMS message that she could finally work with Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri and Ezio Giunchiglia of the P2.

I was basically completely shocked about the situation but my alarm bells should have been ringing from the moment I saw coming into the picture in May 2007 this strange Jesuit called Thomas Michel SJ at a Gulen Movement event dedicated to Sufi mystic Rumi arranged by Muslim Illuminati Kemaletin Süslü, one of the brothers of my wife.

After that I started criticizing the Gulen movement and their New World Order position close to the Jesuits, a move that made me increasingly unpopular with my wife Fatma Süslü that started to say to me that I should stop immediately my Illuminati Confessions website on the net and convert to a strict and more fundamentalist view of Islam otherwise she will leave me.

T hat was obviously a brainwashing imposition for me and I couldn’t accept such a proposal and on the 23rd of February 2008 she eventually left. Initially I was sad, but she promised to show me our child and that I shouldn’t worry about this difficult moment. But the following Monday my lawyer calls me and tells me she went to the police and has moved charges of domestic violence against me and she has no intention of showing me my son Isak Rumi Zagami ever again.

I soon realized that she had been completely brainwashed against me by the Jesuit friendly Gulen Movement known also as the Opus Dei of Islam, and she wanted to raise Isak on her own so they could brainwash him with their twisted and hypocrite version of Islam.

Sufism should be about tolerance and the family of the Prophet Mohammed which my wife belongs should be a true beacon of light for the Muslim world. Instead, my dear friends, they are simply New World Order criminals like everybody else afraid that my stand against the system could damage their so called inter-religious affairs and all the rest of their dirty business…

In any case after two weeks of not seeing my son Isak I try to put pressure on the religious movement of my wife in order to show me my son again. But instead at 9.30 pm on the 4th of March, two policemen and a police woman come to my house and arrest me. So I spend 12 hours in a cold prison cell and few hours been interviewed by the police who eventually released me at 1.30 pm on the 5th.

But at 10 o’clock in the morning I saw a priest to whom I finally tell the truth about my forced conversion into Islam to please my wife’s family and the way they sold me out to the authorities as only a true Judas could do. Yes, my wife sold me to my worst enemy, the Norwegian Freemasons. From now I can’t obviously continue to follow a book (the Q’uran) that tells me that I should respect the family of my wife because they are traitors and criminals to their own religion, happily working for the New World Order mafia and their sick establishment of lies and corruption.

My wife Fatma Süslü was my best friend and my only love and to be betrayed by her in this way is definitely the worst experience of my life. Fatma had also an important meeting with a Norwegian politician last month regarding the possibility of running a Cultural Center (obviously in the hands of the Norwegian Freemasons) that simply means she has been bought by the enemy but I hope my son Isak will one day read this article and realize the evil connections of Islam and the Süslü Family with the Vatican NWO and how much is father had to suffer because of their injustice and their malicious lies on my persona.


Now my Illuminati enemies have a new friend in Fatma who desperately works relaunching her image on Face Book with her Illuminati friends like Yoko Ono and even Paulo Coelho.

In the meantime, I’m awaiting an answer from my lawyer on what’s going on with Fatma’s false charges against me. She has no witnesses on her side so at the moment is simply her word against mine. But the police have confiscated my two computers (a Mac and a PC) and two mobile phones. Why??? Well, this abuse of power is typical of this fascist driven country and their police state that already came to visit me last year after they closed my first website saying that they will take my kids from me if I didn’t close down my new site in Italy. Well on that occasion Fatma was totally supportive of my struggle against the New World Order and she even went public on the radio to talk about it and later went to the social workers to defend our case and our kids from these evil people.

The Gulen Movement has influenced the police in Norway to confiscate my computers as they are probably afraid I could use some of the pictures I have with leaders of their organization – pictures made in secret meetings – and they want to avoid any scandal that could link them to their Jesuit manipulators. But the police are also going to find on my computers a wonderful video of my ex-wife belly-dancing in a very non-fundamentalist style… I hope they don’t erase it as it was definitely a performance that could make a Jesuit faint and a very unique one from a descendant of Prophet Mohammed.

From the 5th of March 2008 I’m officially a Christian again as my sufferance made me realize that He is our only savor and Mohammed is a false Prophet whose descendants are involved in satanism and the New World Order.

It’s time for a reality check and for an ultimate exposure of the Muslim side of the Illuminati cake. I’m now alone and in great danger in Norway. When I went out of my house earlier there was a police surveillance car parked in front of my door.

I don’t know any more what they are going to do with me now that I don’t have any protection. And I’m so vulnerable, that I might disappear or I might be condemned without any reason to spend my next few years in a boring prison cell. I really don’t know what will happen. But remember, my true friends out there: I will never stop this war against the New World Order until I die, and one day my precious son will finally revenge me and bring down this evil Vatican beast and their Muslim allies.

Leo Lyon Zagami
ex Khaled Saifullah Khan


From Leo Zagami
to Dr Henry Makow
13 March 2008

Dear Henry,
Thank you for your continuous support, and please forgive me if I could not reply earlier but as you know they confiscated all my computers and my mobile phones and the nearest internet shop is more then an hour away from were I live.

On the coming Monday I will finally be able to check the proceedings of the case with my lawyer and the false accusations moved by my wife against me after her sudden betrayal, but my lawyer told me today she doesn’t seem to have a strong case against me as she doesn’t have at the moment any eye witness that can support her outrageous claims of abuse an manipulation from my side.

Obviously this could change if in the next few months they bring some corrupt witness in the picture so they can screw me up like Fritz Springmeier, but at the moment his her word against mine dear Henry even if Fatma Süslü stated to Greg at the Arctic-Beacon and elsewhere on the net a quite different story, a false and insulting tale made up of my supposed violence against her and the kids (total rubbish) and many witnesses on her side (another lie).

Well, my conscience is clear, my friend, as I have always been a good and honest family man, a husband deeply in love with my wife and totally dedicated to my children who should never go through such a terrible experience (I say children because this include also the child from her previous marriage called Zaccaria who I consider as my child).

The Norwegian Kingdom and the Norwegian police have in any case already acted illegally against me, abusing their power with my forced arrest on the 4th of March 2008 as also stated by my lawyer who is furious with the police authorities of this country for their abuse of power.

The Norwegian Police loves this insane NWO agenda and their Turkish brothers from the Fethullah Gulen Movement, a right wing movement secretly manipulated by the CIA and the Vatican Illuminati (including Jesuits like Thomas Michele SJ) and spiritually driven by the most corrupt descendants of Prophet Mohammed – sick said families like the Süslü family of my wife who think of themselves as the elite of the Illuminati, people that think they have a special reserved place in Heaven and the right to act as they wish above the law even in western countries like Norway thanks to the support of the usual suspects…

Dear Henry: I don’t want my son to grow up brainwashed by the Gulen Movement and their insane NWO ideology. I want Isak Rumi Zagami to be a free and honest man who respects and loves his father. I don’t want Isak to become a Muslim fundamentalist who hates me, thinks I’m the Dajal, so I will try in any way possible to get the court’s permission to see my son regularly. In this way they can’t ruin him completely with their false Muslim ideology.

I also received a very interesting e-mail a couple of days ago from a politician in the same party as my wife Fatma Süslü (the norwegian Socialist party called SV) who told me that my wife has been working for the government for a long time on various projects and he wanted to warn me earlier about her dishonest intentions towards me but he felt it was too dangerous to tell me anything about at that time.

I really don’t know yet if I can trust this politician. But he seems honest, and has been involved recently with a disclosure project for my friends at Project Camelot in the US. And I know for a fact that my wife has been working recently on a project with the government for the establishment of a cultural center owned by Norwegian Freemasons, a place which should be also connected to futures research and so called ecological friendly activities.

She got involved in this project with a certain Anne thanks to an English right wing Freemason called Jonathan Boulter who used to be working with me when I was in the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge. I warned my wife that what she was doing by working with these people was wrong, but she didn’t listen to me.

My wife has been unfortunately brainwashed against me by the Fethullah Gulen Movement (a sectarian version of Islam close to the Jesuits) and some people in the Norwegian political and masonic establishment who obviously advised my wife to distance herself asap from me and my anti-NWO position if she wanted to get back in their evil and sick political game, and Fatma unfortunately wants to be a politician again.

It’s very hard, as you can imagine, to front the fact that the mother of your only child is actually working for your enemy and even sending you to prison as your birthday gift. But I will have to survive this difficult moment in every way possible and even after all this I’m still very much in love with Fatma, but that’s because I’m quite sure she was forced to betray me in this way with the police and she is probably already regretting the moment she left me for her new privileged position in the Muslim Illuminati establishment.

The situation is in any case very difficult for me as I’m in great danger, dear Henry, in this corrupt country of Norway now that my only protection (the Gulen Movement) has betrayed me and put me in the hands of the Freemasonic enemy of the Swedish Rite that have already persecuted me in the past.

So my intentions is to leave Europe all together as soon as possible and join my supporters in the USA were we’re going to finally start my Tour of Hope and my new anti-NWO project against these sick Illuminati bastards that have ruined my life over and over again. Committees of Hope will start gathering all over the States in the next few months under my presence and many important things will happen so I want to thank already my friends and my supporters in the United States who are giving me the possibility to start a new life in a safe and protected way after such a horrible experience.

No problem: the Illuminati managed to get their black magic working against me and my wife and successfully destroyed my family (they really didn’t like my happy little family unfortunately), but I’m not a dead man yet and I’m sure that one day my wife will realize she was only the innocent tool of the dark side and she should have been praying and protecting herself more from these evil Jinns that are now controlling her..

Keep me in your prayers Henry, and if God wants I will be visiting you soon in Canada. If not, don’t let my message die, and keep the Illuminati resistance alive as my future is still uncertain.

Fraternally yours,

Leo Lyon Zagami


Leo is a very brave man, and we wish him well.

We spoke with him for 45 minutes a short time ago and he is determined and resilient. The information he presents is extraordinary and detailed, and much more will be found on his own Illuminati Confessions website.

We intend to keep in close touch with him, and may visit him again in the near future.

Leo Zagami confirming his recent (March 2008) conversation with the Norwegian Politician

Hear the entire half hour conversation:



A Letter from a Norwegian Politician

The person who wrote this message to us did so under their own name (which we have checked), and enclosed a number of photographs of them with the Prime Minister of Norway and (separately) with Benazir Bhutto.

We are certain of their bona fides, but you will understand that we cannot reveal their real name or publish any photos without consent.

The content of this message, if true, could hardly be more important.

[Edited for grammar and spelling errors where needed to ensure full clarity. As a preface to the message, the writer apologized for their English, which is not their language.]

I am a Norwegian politician. I would like to say that difficult things will happen from the year 2008 till the year 2012.

The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people of Norway. When I enquire when they are due to be finished, they reply “before 2011”.

Israel is also doing the same and many other countries too.

My proof that what I am saying is true is in the photographs I have sent of myself and all the Prime Ministers and ministers I tend to meet and am acquainted with. They know all of this, but they don’t want to alarm the people or create mass panic.

Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on.

As for me, I already know that I am going to leave before 2012 to go the area of Mosjøen where we have a deep underground military facility. There we are divided into sectors, red, blue and green. The signs of the Norwegian military are already given to them and the camps have already been built a long time ago.

The people that are going to be left on the surface and die with along the others will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not knowing what to do.

All the sectors and arks are connected with tunnels and have railcars that can take you from one ark to the other. This is so that they can be in contact with each other. Only the large doors separate them so that the sectors are not compromised in any matter.

I am very sad. Often I cry with others that know that so many will learn too late, and then it will all be over for them. The government has been lying to the people from 1983 till now. All the major politicians know this in Norway, but few will say it to the people and the public – because they are afraid in case they too will miss the NOAH 12 railcars that will take them to the ark sites where they will be safe.

If they tell anyone, they are dead for sure. But I don’t care any more about myself. Mankind must survive and the species must survive. People must know this.

All the governments in the world are aware of this and they just say it is going to happen. For those of the people that can save themselves I can only say reach for higher ground and find caves up in the high places where you can have a food storage for at least five years with canned food and water to last for a while. Radiation pills and bio-suits are also advisable if your budget allows it.

For the last time I say may God help us all… but God will not help us I know. Only each person individually can make a difference. Wake up, please…!

I could have written to you using another name but I am not afraid of anything any more. When you know certain things, you become invincible and no harm can come to you when you know that the end is soon.

I assure you 100% that things will happen. There are four years to prepare for the endgame. Get weapons, and make survival groups, and a place where you can be safe with food for a time.

Ask me anything and I will answer as much as I know about the Norwegian connection to all this. And just look around: they are building underground bases and bunkers everywhere. Open your eyes, people. Ask the governments what they are building, and they will say “Oh, it’s just storage for food”, and so on. They blind you with all the lies.

The marks of the alien presence are also there, and I often see the Norwegian elite politicians are not what they say they are. It’s like they are controlled in every thought, and what they have to say is just as they are told to do things in such manners. It is clear for me who they are, and who they are not. You can see it in their eyes and in their minds.

Remember that those who are going to be in and around the city areas in 2012 are those that are going to be hit first and die first. Later the army will purge the rest of the survivors and they have a shoot to kill order if there is any resistance to bring them into the camps where every one will get marked with a number and a tag.

I also see that Benazir Bhutto is spoken of on your site. Her death was tragic. I have met Benazir, as you can see. You will also see from the photographs that I have met with a number of other notable politicians and world leaders.

The public will not know what happens till the very end, because the government does not want to create mass panic. Everything will happen quietly and the government will just disappear.

But I say this: don’t go quietly into the night. Take precautions to be safe with your family. Come together with others. Work together to find ways to solve all the many problems you will face.

Kind regards

[Name and proof of identity supplied]

From immediate further correspondence, and in response to our specific questions, we can add the following clarifications in our source’s own words:

I have been to several underground bases [number given]. We used the railcars to get around. Only a few special people were selected to be shown around. Those that run with the elite know of this.

I have evidence of my claims. I trust my sources 100%, but they are afraid to tell what they know. People are afraid for their lives and that is how it is. I just also want the public to know what the hell is going on. I am not afraid of death or any other thing.

All the elite politicians in Norway know of this. They also know that if they reveal anything they will be removed from office and will be denied access to the different underground bases when the time is up.

The NOAH 12 railcars are transport railcars between the different bases underground. They have a support system of these all around from one base to another. They are mainly used by the military and they control all of them. There are orange triangle symbols in each base and the check-ins are a kind of energy field that everyone has to go through.

The future for my children is all I think of – and that for all the other children growing up in the new world. We have to make a difference for them so that they grow up knowing what their parents did for them, such as giving this information to people like yourselves.

In 2009 the government of FRP will come into power and Siv Jensen will be elected Prime Minister. This is already known. It’s important to understand that. The elections are all fake and the same persons and power elite get elected each time in turn. Look up the political history of Norway, and the people that run the country now.

Please share this information with the rest of the internet. When the time comes people will survive because of the information they have learned from the different sites on the net.

I will not get anything but trouble from posting this, and I have no need to mislead anyone. I do this only to expose what is to happen in my country and that maybe some people will survive what is to come.

Kind regards

[Name supplied]

After posting the above, we presented more questions to our source, who replied with the intriguing information which follows.

The paragraphs indented and marked with an asterisk (*) constitute further supplementary information received after we had asked a number of additional clarifying questions.

When I was in the military I was in the [name of service given]. At one point we were given a task to get something out of a base and deliver it to another base.

We were told:


Later, when we landed outside the base, we were taken by trucks to outside the base where there were large doors heavily guarded by other military personnel.

Or it seemed like they were military, but they had different suits on them: orange and black suits with the orange suits having a golden triangle on them and the black suits having a green triangle.

* As far as I can remember the triangle went downwards, like a pyramid but facing down and had some weird kind of sign it it. To me it looked like the letter ‘E’, but the lines were not connected in the ‘E’ like we write the letter ‘E’. It was shaped like the ‘E’ and in the middle the letter ‘E’ was pointing inwards… not as in any language I can read or understand, and certainly not in Norwegian.

* The signs were as far as I can remember not on the arms because I saw them clearly… they were at the left side of the black suit just over the chest area and on the caps they had on. The signs were not that big – just as a regular sized patch is, but clear enough to see them.

We went through the large doors. I was thinking what the hell is this, and I felt a bit scared at first. It was like something out of a science fiction movie. This was the first time I was in such a base.

We then came to a 500 meter long tunnel and there were more of these military personnel waiting with guns and transport for us. We were divided up in groups. Some went another way, and I and my group were asked to come with the black suited guards so they could take us to another location. When we came to the end we were asked to put on some masks “for our own protection”.

I was thinking for our own protection… aren’t we already protected by being inside this huge underground complex and by guards with weapons?

We were then asked to step inside a railcar… and this is what I know of the railcars. They are run by some kind of blue crystal energy, I think, or at least that is how it appeared. Then we sat in the cars and I asked one of the guards “What is this?”

He replied,

“You don’t need to know this, sir.”

* At the front where the operator sits there was a box with a window just besides him, and just when before powering up you could see the large purple-blue crystals emitting a purple-bluish light… not blinding you but quite beautiful to watch indeed. I have never ever seen such energy light or crystals anywhere. I was thinking that must be the power source.

* Later on in the base I saw that some people were working on these purple-blue crystals. They were larger than the ones I saw in the railcar – ca. one meter in length and they were lined up one after the other. They were taking some light through them. They were in fact purple-blue and when the light went inside they turned more blue and had a stronger color – the people had white masks on and goggles standing away from them when the light was going inside the crystals. I was about 20 meters from them and we were quickly rushed along when they said “Move on now.”

* I also think that the energy fields that we went through before entering the check-in were powered by these crystals, because it was the same kind of light – or so it seemed to me. If I remember more I will let you know.

I could see that there was a tube-like system and the other railcars were just going so fast you just saw a light going by. I think this was a vacuum tube system where there is no drag.

* The railcars were just like the tube itself but inside. The tube was a bit larger. The main car or transport shuttle was I think ca. 12 meters in length and had a pointed shape in front and back and had seating for 10 people with the operator. You could drive them both ways and it was not necessary to turn it around. It was sealed from the side after you go inside and was quite okay… but the speed was too much, and I got sick after the ride.

* There was also some room for some cargo that you could take with you, but not much. There were a lot of these railcars around, as it seemed, and they just went passing by just like a light passes by in a flash. But you don’t get to see the other rails either, because it’s so fast that you forget to look and rather concentrate on your stomach when inside one of these.

Later on, after I went into politics, I found out what was inside of the rest of the base and what the bases are for, which I have already told you. I know that when this railcar moved – and it moved fast – I had never seen anything like this before. Later when we arrived at the end station I was feeling sick, and the other people that were there also felt the same way. One of the guards said it happens the first time to everyone.

When we came outside we were given goggles and asked to go through a security check. This is where it all gets weird.

There were guards with weapons all over the place… and remember I told you about the energy fields that one has to go through. I was thinking I should not be here at this place, and I was a little scared.

Then we got through this energy field and came to another room. I saw that there was a screen on the side of the wall that said HUMAN – NOT HUMAN – PURE – NOT PURE.

After I saw this I was thinking: Are there ‘NOT HUMANS’ too ??

* At the energy field check-in there was a screen, which I mentioned before. There was a weird language on the screen. I have never seen this before. Underneath it stood letters that were like the ‘E’ I told you about – but the only thing I could read was HUMAN – NOT HUMAN – PURE – NOT PURE.

[Project Camelot note: we are seeking further clarification on this]

The guards stopped us and told us to change clothes inside another room and come with them. When we had done so they said that it was time to go further down. Again, I was thinking how large is this place? We just came out of a rail system that runs for miles and miles… and then there is more?

We were then taken to a lift system, with seats, that was going to take us down… or, this is what I thought it was going to do. But it went sideways for about three minutes. In this place, time was not known to me because we had no way of telling what the time was. They had taken everything away from us at the check-ins.

* At the lift I remember I saw a letter that look like a headphone – like the hearing phones you have on your head when listening to music. It was just bent like that if you see it from the front side and pointing down.

All I can say is that when our job was done I was thinking that the world is not as it seems to be, and that many things are hidden from the public. It makes me sad and scared.

Later, when I got into politics, I began digging into this because I needed more answers. What I found out was that these bases were Arks for the government and some of the people and military to survive inside. There was a threat from outside that was going to be in the year 2012 and that the human species had to survive.

The ‘Planet X’ I learned about is from all what I have seen till now. The government knows this and are keeping it from the public. They have been tracking this object for a long time now and were given the first warnings from the USA.

I know that 18 bases exist in Norway. I don’t know what many of the dangers are because I am not a scientist. But what I know is that before 2012 the different governments are going to leave for the bases that they have built for the last 40 or 50 years.

If this object goes by, there will be a lot of problems on the surface of the Earth. That is all I know. This is why they go underground.

If such an event comes, they have made sure that five years or more underground is going to be what they need to avoid this. When they know it’s safe to surface, they will rebuild again. We were just told that we have to leave before 2012 and that there is something in space that is going to cause much destruction.

* I don’t know if there is a threat from the sun itself. I am not so much into the science of things. I am just telling what I have seen and nothing more.

I can say that I have already said too much, but the people are now warned about this…

I have no need to make this up or create mass panic. I just want to tell the public what is to come, and I have done what I can from my side.

There are things in this world that are not known to the public. And there is one thing I can say about all this:

Be ready and have faith in yourself. There is no help in trusting the governments. Trust only yourself.

Kind regards

[Name supplied]

Comment from Project Camelot

There is no ‘hard’ scientific data in our source’s warning. The information does not explain exactly how or why ‘Planet X’ is such a threat (although we may guess). There is also no specific information about the exact need to go underground.

Our source is saying exactly what they know, and no more. It is very plausible that that as a politician the message’s focus is on vital sociopolitical issues rather than science.

For more information about ‘Planet X‘ and what it may or may not be, please visit Andy Lloyd’s excellent website here, or Marshall Masters’ website here. We were told by Henry Deacon (and this has also been widely reported by others) that the South Pole Telescope has been built to track what Henry called the ‘second sun’.

We urge readers to do their own research.

Between now and 2012 and beyond, many differing views, channeled messages, and insider revelations will come to the fore. Project Camelot is working hard on a documentary that will cover both positive and not so positive projections of our future.

It goes without saying that it is our sincere hope, prayer and full intention that the events portrayed above will not come to pass.

We are all co-creators of our world, from moment to moment. We urge each and every one of you to participate in consciously co-creating a bright and positive future for humanity, and to work with us in waking the sleeping and bringing to light the truth – wherever it may lead.

Further Messages

Since our recent post of the letter we received from a Norwegian politician about underground bases and that country’s preparation for a future disaster, our mailbox has been full of messages from all over the world.

We have been completely unable to reply to them all, but we have carefully read everything we have received.

After a week’s silence, we heard from our source again a few days ago. He is well, but is keeping his head down for understandable reasons. He has invited us to forward any relevant correspondence to him from others, and we will do that on a selective basis. He has also promised that he will draw the ‘alien’ symbols he saw, and fax them to us.

To those who have asked understandable questions about his veracity: we have done everything we can to confirm his identity and authenticity and are certain he is exactly who he says he is.

Independent Confirmation

Norwegian Secret Underground Base Update

Many friends and correspondents in Norway and Sweden have been in touch, some offering intriguing details.

To many of them, this information was not new and confirmed what they had known from other sources. We received specific confirmation from two scientists and one ex-intelligence source that these facilities exist (and that both Sweden and Switzerland have the facilities to take their entire population underground if need be).

A number have asked to be put in touch with the politician who wrote to us.

One correspondent confirmed a great deal of detail. His message is so important that we have published it here in full (having edited out personal information which may have identified him to the authorities).

His family has first hand experience of the facilities which our source reported.

Dear Project Camelot team,

I just read your article about the Norwegian politician and his letter and information to you regarding underground bases, 2012, etc.

I must say I found this quite fascinating. I already know of the Svalbard storage place, which when it was announced made the signals go off for me thinking it had to be some specific reason for this for something they know will happen soon.

Regarding the rest, I am also Norwegian, I am from a military family, and have been told by my mother who served a long time in the military and other governmental institutions about these underground bases.

I know the location of one of these bases and have seen it myself. It’s within a big mountain in my old city where I used to live and grew up before I moved from Norway a couple years ago. The place is called Baneheia.

My mother refused to tell any details about it, except for that it is created for an emergency. Only specific personnel will be allowed, such as herself and other military people, and other important people, politicians, scientists and other civilian people they consider important.

She has also been to another base in an area called Evje, and this underground facility is very huge, she said, much bigger than the Baneheia facility.

She also said there is a base in the Stavanger area that she knows of.

She also supplied me with a photo of a base in Sørreisa, and said this is another underground base but she is unsure of the size of this base.

I attach the photo here (above image). This is the top of the mountain base, and she told me these ‘spheres’ are probably powerful radar systems that monitor a huge area.

She told me other interesting things, such as that that the big electronic corporations of the world in reality are run by the same people at the very top level, but they just create different names and brands and ‘packaging’ of the same products, or rather products that are developed and owned by people high up in society that run these electronic manufacturers with total control.

Regarding Baneheia, my mother said that the rest of our family would NOT be allowed to enter there in case of an emergency.

She also said she could not say any more about what was inside or how it looked, as she had sworn and promised to her officials to not tell anything more, and she is a woman of her word and keeps to her vows.

On another occasion, I briefly got to talk to another person from the military who had also been there. He gave me a little more details. He said the facility is huge and has many separate rooms with different purposes, but he was not allowed to enter these rooms and was confined to a specific room where he worked with computer related systems for the military.

But he said that, from what he could see, this facility could house several thousand people, and it was extremely huge and highly technological.

It was also reported that of seven men who worked together at some project in this facility, four of them died of cancer. This was published in Fedrelandsvennen, a Norwegian newspaper from the city of Kristiansand in 2001. Unfortunately, the article is no longer online.

One of my friends, who worked for NSA for several years, has also provided me with some great and astonishing information regarding underground bases and other activities of the governments.

He confirmed that there are plenty of these bases around and that in some of them they are doing some very strange experiments and research, related to things such as time travel, journeys to other dimensions, alien technology etc, and he himself was in the process of recreating a spaceship and working on computer simulations for this purpose, and he showed me complex computer generated material related to this as well as illustrations of this spaceship.

He said that at the moment the governments are in contact with Mars, and even have such ‘Stargates‘ connected with Mars so that they can travel there in a few seconds instead of using spaceships. He also claimed they are currently working on terraforming Mars – this means making Mars a suitable and possible place for humans to live. At the moment, Mars is more or less dead on the Surface, though there seems to be some life underground.

He suddenly disappeared and for the last couple years I’ve been unable to locate him or get in touch with him.

I can mention however, that he was adopted, and according to himself raised up and being prepared to work for the governments since his early childhood due to his high intelligence and other ‘abilities’. He was indeed an extremely bright individual, personally I would say a genius, and he was involved with extremely complex mathematical and scientific material that he showed and discussed with me on several occasions.

I will first of all present you with some maps and photos of the area where this main facility I’ve mentioned is located.

The photo on the top right of the composite image below is what is called Gimlemoen, which used to belong to the military and was restricted for unauthorized personnel. I was there several times due to my mother working for them.

Recently they officially closed down the military operations in Gimlemoen, and turned it into a university campus instead.

However, some of the old bunkers and underground systems still remain in that area. I have personally visited some of them and been deeply underground. At one point I ended up in a large room that had a huge iron door with a big metal wheel on it and several locks. I could not open this door so nor do I know what was behind it.

There is also an aerial photo of Baneheia, where the current underground base in the mountain is located. This is at the top left of the image below.

I’ve made a purple circle at the location of the entrance.

This rectangular structure (above image) is the entrance which leads into the mountain.

The white structure to the right of it is some other buildings I assume is related as they got tons of antennas on top and satellite dishes etc and other strange devices.

As you see, it’s a large mountain, with lakes on top, so how deep inside it goes into the mountain can only be speculated.

[Google Earth or Acme Mapper N 58.16, E 8.00]

Also notice that Gimlemoen and the Baneheia mountain are very close, only separated by the river.

If any underground connection ever was established between the facilities in Gimlemoen and the facility in the Baneheia mountain below the river I have no idea, but as I mentioned I did find a ‘bunker’ going deep down underground leading to that room with a huge iron door that it was impossible to open.

This was in Gimlemoen, and the room was covered with half a meter of water on the floor.

I’ve discovered something that seems like air vents in the middle of the woods on top of this mountain, which I assume provides air into the base below.

The vents are placed in rather inaccessible areas and far away from any paths. They look like this (above image), except that they are more modern.

I have on several occasions seen heavily armed military personnel outside the entrance of the mentioned facility. And this is strange, as Norway is not a country where the military or police normally walk around with guns. In fact, they are not allowed to carry guns unless it is an emergency situation. It’s actually the only time I’ve seen the military carry guns in public while I lived in Norway.

Things should be pretty safe over here, I mean Norway is not exactly like Iraq having any specific needs for such bases and military work unless there is really something they know that is coming that the rest of us do not know.

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