10 Public UFO Sightings Seen By Large Groups

While many of us may tell people that we don’t really believe in aliens or anything supernatural and silly, the truth is that deep down we believe that there just might be a chance. How cool of a thought is it that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs for short), are zipping around the galaxy carrying aliens from another planet!? A lot of people have claimed to have seen such fantastic spacecrafts with their own eyes, but not a lot of people seem to think that they’re telling the truth.

There have certainly been some strange occurrences where more than one person has seen a UFO, including mass sightings which point towards a possible alien encounter; the government has been quick to cover these sightings up, disregarding them as nothing more than mere hoaxes, but there are some conspiracy theories out that say these sightings are evidence of something more significant.

But which UFO sightings have left experts the most perplexed? You might believe in alien life not right now, but after you see some of these actual mass sightings that have happened, you might be more inclined to accept the existence of the extraterrestrial. Here are the top 10 public UFO sightings that will make you want to phone home.

#10 – The Kecksburg Incident

The-Kecksburg-IncidentIt was a quiet period in Pennsylvania during the 1960s, but on one particular night a small town was woken up due to the incredibly loud noises of a UFO. Kecksburg is a tiny village that is about an hour’s drive from Pittsburgh, and on December 9th, 1965, many residents of the town saw a bright green light in the sky at around 6 PM; according to the witnesses, the light was streaking incredibly fast across the sky before it eventually crashed into a field.

According to one resident, the crashed light was actually an acorn shaped spacecraft that was a little larger than a car. One of the firemen of Kecksburg said that he was able to look at the craft while it was grounded, and noted that there was a strange design on the bottom. Within 15 minutes of the craft’s landing, military personnel had arrived and pushed out the locals; while some think the object was a Soviet Union satellite, the theory was never confirmed, and NASA said that the find eventually went missing. When it comes to alien spacecrafts, this egg is a tough one to crack.

#9 – Levelland, Texas

Levelland-TexasDuring 1957 fewer than 10,000 people were living in the small town of Levelland, Texas, when it became home to one of the most public UFO sightings in history. On November 2nd, 1957, at 11 PM, the police received more than a dozen phone calls from panicked residents; the calls repeated the same story: that there was a bright flash in the sky, and then a large gust of wind. One of the witnesses said that the mysterious object had killed all of the electronics in his home, including his car!

Other bystanders that saw the UFO said that it was painted some sort of turquoise color, and it resembled the shape of an egg; the ship created the wind gust before a fireball erupted in the sky, and the mysterious object shot straight up into the sky, never to be seen again: I’d have got the heck out of there too if I had landed in Texas.

#8 – New Jersey Turnpike

New-Jersey-TurnpikeIn 2001, New York City became the focus of the world during the unfortunate attacks of September 11th; just months prior, New York was also the location of a mass UFO sighting. On July 14th, 2001, several people witnessed a pattern of yellow lights flying across the sky just off the New Jersey Turnpike; one of the onlookers was actually an off-duty police officer, which makes the story a little more credible.

One witness of the New Jersey Turnpike incident told reporters that there were a total of 16 lights which collected into a V-formation; the phenomenon lasted for roughly 10 minutes before the lights faded out one by one. It was never confirmed what the Turnpike lights were, but the people who were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike that night all swear that it was an extraterrestrial craft.

#7 – Kentucky Saucer

Kentucky-SaucerThe mystery of Madisonville, Kentucky is solved as far as the government is concerned, but the public still thinks there is more to what happened. On January 7th, 1948, several dozen residents of Madisonville called the police to report a saucer shaped object hovering and irradiating a strange light; the police in Kentucky called the nearest Air Force base, who said they would investigate the craft.

Within minutes of the calls, a nearby flight squad alerted to the presence of the hovering craft. Thomas Mantell, Jr. (one of the pilots in the sky at the time) radioed in that he was getting close enough to the object that he could see it; Mantell reported that the object was a massive craft made of what appeared to be metal, however, Mantell would unfortunately die three minutes later from what the Air Force called a lack of oxygen. Believe what you will about Kentucky Saucer incident, but in my opinion the only thing “lacking” in this story is the truth.

#6 – Texas Crash

Texas-CrashDuring the 1800s, there weren’t any planes in the sky for us to mistake as UFOs, which is why one object in Aurora, Texas, was the center of so much attention. On the morning of April 17th, 1897, a loud airship was flying above Aurora, which woke up the city’s residents; according to the report by the Dallas Morning News, the craft eventually started to stall out and as a result it crash-landed directly into a windmill: leaving pieces all over a nearby field.

The Texas Crash report also stated that there was only one ‘person’ on-board the unknown craft, but that the body was mutilated in the course of the crash; the collected evidence, however, suggested that the ship was not being piloted by a human being. Nearly 80 years after the Texas Crash, one resident of Aurora said that the pilot’s body was buried there, and its identity remains a mystery to this date. 1897 was the year that Oldsmobile was founded, so unless you think they had a very unsuccessful initial launch, this is certainly a little fishy.

#5 – Battle of Los Angeles

Battle-of-Los-AngelesAs the Second World War raged on in 1942, the world was seemingly at a standstill; on February 25th, residents of Southern California were alarmed at what they saw: radars had picked up a UFO more than 100 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The UFO made its way to the coastline before completely disappearing from the radars, but shortly after the vehicle vanished, a military member claimed to see two dozen aircraft five miles above the ground; other citizens said that there was actually a large balloon-esque object with several lights attached to it.

Out of sheer panic that the nation might be under attack, the military opened fire at the unexplained aircrafts, but since no shots connected there was no debris to be found. Military officials never explained what the Los Angeles UFOs specifically were, simply referring to the situation as a “false alarm,” but I’ve hung around Los Angeles enough to know that the majority of people there are probably extraterrestrials anyways.

#4 – Burritt College

Burritt-CollegeOne of the oldest mass UFO spottings happened on June 1st, 1853, over the campus of Burritt College in Tennessee; early in the morning, both the staff and students saw two vibrant bright lights in the sky which they couldn’t explain: one of the professors on the campus described the two lights as having the same appearance of a star and a moon, which is precisely how I would camouflage myself if I was an alien race hell bent on secretly destroying the earth.

At first, the smaller light in the sky disappeared, while the larger one transformed into a sphere, and then transformed again: appearing as a flat line; as the larger light started to dwindle away, the small one returned again and started to grow in size. The shifting sky lights outside Burritt College went on for more than half an hour, and students were constantly asking their professors what they saw: nobody had an explanation, and the lights never got close enough to investigate, especially with the technology that existed in 1853.

#3 – Hudson Valley

Hudson-ValleyNew York City is an absolute hot spot for UFO sightings, except this one happened in the North end of the city, rather than the East. The Hudson Valley is a popular spot for UFO sightings, with thousands of unique cases being reported in the 1980s alone; it was March 24th, 1983, however, that would bring forth a significant case that would shock everyone present: several hundred citizens called both the local authorities and a UFO hotline (which is like the “Ghost Busters” but for aliens), and reported that there was a “V-shaped” group of lights that was slowly working its way across the sky without making a sound.

Multiple witnesses said that the Hudson Valley light formation was large enough to be compared to the size of a small city, and the peculiar lights emanating from the formation were of several different colors that were rapidly flashing on and off repeatedly. The Hudson Valley display didn’t last for a very long time, and it occurred during early evening hours, so some say that they only saw it for a couple of minutes before it disappeared, which is longer than I’d want to spend in Hudson Valley anyways-.

#2 – Phoenix Lights

Phoenix-LightsThe American Southwest has been subject to many different UFO sightings, with vast expanses of desert covering several states. On March 13th, 1997, residents of Nevada and Arizona called in by the thousands to report a large V-shaped formation in the sky with a total of seven lights; some of the witnesses added to this, saying that they had actually seen different shapes in the sky in addition to the V-pattern.

One Phoenix resident described the light formation as “massive,” and that although the lights were only 500 feet above the Earth’s surface, the spacecraft that was carrying the lights was larger than the city itself and he could easily see its outline. After receiving literally thousands of calls, the government had to release an answer: The National Guard said that they had released flares for training, and it has not been a widely accepted reasoning, probably because the closest thing to a flare that bright is a solar flare.

#1 – Stephenville, Texas

Stephenville-TexasWe conclude this list with the most recent mass UFO sighting to be reported in the United States, and it happened in the state of Texas. On January 8th, 2008, in Stephenville, more than three dozen residents claimed that a UFO had been hovering in the sky for just a couple minutes before rapidly flying away; some of the UFO’s witnesses include both a police officer and a pilot, which makes this sighting much more believable.

The police officer who spotted the Texas UFO told the press that he was heading to his car when he saw the craft, and that it looked like it was around half a mile wide and one mile long: hanging just half of a mile from the surface. Some of the reporting FAA said that all reports by the witnesses lined up perfectly, but the flying object has so far remained unidentified, just like the reason they showed up to Texas to begin with.

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