Argentina Air Force Release First Report About Their Official UFO Study

There are dozens of UFO investigation organizations around the world, and Argentina’s Air Force (FAA) is handling one of them. The FAA’s official UFO investigation organization studies photo and video of UFO cases. It was established in mid-2011, but only recently that it released its first report.
The FAA first announced the formation of a commission to investigate UFO reports in the latter part of December 2010. It officially launched the Commission for the Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena (CEFAe) in May 2011 with a ceremony held at the Condor Building in Buenos Aires, the headquarters of the FAA and the location of CEFAe. After that official launching, not much has been heard from the organization.
A translated story about a report posted on CEFAe’s website was featured on the website Inexplicata – The Journal of Hispanic Ufology. The CEFAe website looks simple with only a few paragraphs that explain the people behind the organization and a link to download a form for UFO reports.
The published report includes the investigations of ten cases, the majority of them were reported in January 2015. The investigators seemed to find simple answers to the cases, which include photos or videos except for one report.
CEFAe relies on the help of civilian UFO researchers, which is one of the interesting aspects of the organization as it adds to the transparency of the process. The original Spanish version of the report can be found at the CEFAe website.
Aside from Argentina, there are other South American countries with an official UFO investigation organization, namely, Uruguay, Chile, and Peru.

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