A Hacker Believes NASA Has Been Releasing Edited Images To The General Public

Hacker Gary McKinnon believes that NASA is editing out parts of UFO appearances in videos it releases for public viewing, and it has been doing so for many years already. He is an avid UFO watcher and had faced a ten-year fight against extradition to the United States after breaking into the computer database of Pentagon, U.S. military, and NASA.
McKinnon revealed that the U.S. government and NASA have known for years UFOs monitored humanity from far-flung galaxies. However, the government and the space agency decided not to tell the truth because they think the general public will not be able to handle it. Moreover, they believe that the truth will lead to the breakdown of religions and society. McKinnon said that the government has been withholding the information successfully by covering it up.
According to McKinnon, he became more interested in UFO and NASA cover-up after ex-NASA contractor Donna Hare had come forward in November 2000 to say that NASA staff edited out UFOs digitally from satellite photos before they were publicly released from Building eight of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
To find out whether Hare was telling the truth or just got everything wrong, McKinnon hacked into NASA’s computer databases, as well as, the U.S. military and the Pentagon. McKinnon said that he regularly gain access to entire databases for between 18 months and 24 months.
McKinnon encountered a file containing a list of non-terrestrial officers while scouring U.S. Navy databases. These officers have ranks and names. Then he discovered a separate file of “material transfers between ships.” McKinnon thinks he possibly found confidential evidence of a secret space base. He has released four videos based on his findings.
When hacking 255 computers of building eight at the Johnson Space Center, McKinnon found image databases. He started to download a picture, but it was extremely slow – the reason he only managed to get half to 2/3 of the way down before being rumbled. He believed it was the hemisphere of a planet Earth. He described it as cloudy, but with the classic cigar-shaped UFO. When he was about to take a screen grab, the cursor moved separately to his mouse movements, and the connection eventually lost. He failed to retrieve the image from the clipboard.
He was soon arrested and battled against extradition from 2002 to 2012. The U.S. government accused McKinnon of hacking with more sinister reasons than trying to discover the truth about ETs and UFOs.
The U.S. authorities stated McKinnon deleted crucial files from operating systems, which resulted in the shutdown of 2,000 computers at Military District of Washington for 24 hours. McKinnon also removed weapon logs at the Earle Naval Weapons Station after the September 11 attacks in 2001, causing its network of 300 computers unserviceable and paralyzing munitions supply deliveries to the U.S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet. The U.S. government also accused him of copying passwords, account files, and data into his computer. According to U.S. authorities, the problem he caused was over $700,000.

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