Wild Claim – Face and Name Of An Alien Overlord Are Printed on Dollar Bills

A group of UFO hunters has claimed that the US dollar bills are hiding an alien overlord’s picture.
They discovered an image depicting the face of the space alien rulers of Planet Earth on the same side of the banknotes showing the infamous pyramid.
They believe that extraterrestrials have placed hidden messages in the currency. Adding contrast (shadow) to the original will turn it into the alien head, they explained.
Alien enthusiasts have been saying that extraterrestrial arts are made of many levels of understanding, making them too complicated for human’s primitive minds. They explain that humanity is a primitive species controlled by primitive decision making and instincts.
They think that the classic one dollar US bill is proof that extraterrestrial has infiltrated the US government and possibly has permanent control.
This sector of alien enthusiasts thinks that there are secret signs all over Earth that aliens have been controlling humankind’s destiny for their benefits.
They point out the visible letters MERICA at the top, saying that it may mean Me Rica, the name of a particular alien overlord.
So, does this observation prove aliens run the world? What do you think?

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