Space Agency Observes Strange Flashes Of Light On the Moon

Two great flashes of light were observed erupting on the dark side of the Moon. A sector of conspiracy theorists has suggested these lights could be alien UFOs.
On the nights of July 17 and 18, the Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) observed the bizarre phenomena.
MIDAS observatories in Spain search the Lunar surface on a daily basis for asteroid and meteor impacts.
According to the European Space Agency (ESA), the flashes were registered almost precisely 24 hours apart, apparently in pursuit of one another.
High-sensitivity CCD cameras capture detailed photographs of the bumpy surface of the moon that show the exact moment of impact.
Both MIDAS and the ESA agree the flashes were very much extraterrestrial in origin.
The force of impact is tremendous, but current estimate suggests that the extraterrestrial objects were no larger than the average walnut.
ESA said that transient flashes such as these are hard to study and challenging to determine the cause.
Three astronomical observatories in Spain work on behalf of the MIDAS project to scan the Moon for the transient flashes. They are equipped with powerful telescopes and CCD cameras to detect and try to identify the various impacts that rock the bright orb.
MIDAS believe that understanding these lunar impacts can help protect the Earth from similar dangers.


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