What Is This Unknown Metallic Underwater Object Shaped Like A Starfish Discovered In Rhode Island?

Our oceans are full of mysterious objects and odd creatures we haven’t been able identify. An unknown metallic underwater object has been discovered in the water at East Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island. It’s has stainless steel legs and no-one has a clue what it is. Due to its shape, it’s described like a metal starfish.

The object is located near the Niantic Avenue entrance, about 60 to 70 yards west toward the Watch Hill lighthouse. The harbor master says he has never seen or heard about it before. The circular object was not seen there last summer, so what is it and where did it come from?

“It looks like a metal starfish because it has these eight legs that go down from the center,” said Peter Brockmann, president of the East Beach Association.

Brockmann said he’s heard guesses from equipment used by aliens to the Army Corp of Engineers.

“Some scientists at URI think that it is a sea floor mount for an acoustic Doppler imaging apparatus,” said Brockmann.

The object is heavy and it doesn’t float. For the safety of surfers and swimmers, Brockmann has painted a fence to mark the area.

The plans are to remove the mysterious underwater object next. Perhaps then we will be able to find out what this object is and how it ended up in the waters at East Beach in Westerly.

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