Rendlesham Forest UFO

After 30 years of silence the Rendlesham Forest tapes have been released!
The tape recordings of US military personnel investigating a suspected UFO landing have been kept quiet for 30 years, till now with this military release of the tapes!

Just after Christmas 1980, the airmen from USAF Bentwaters air base went to investigate an event in Rendlesham Forest near Woodbridge, Suffolk.
The tapes are a vivid account of what they found.
It is clear that they thought they were witnessing some type of phenomena, with descriptions of «strange» lights in sky and odd damage to pine trees 15ft to 18ft off the ground.
One of the Americans is heard to say: «I hear very strange sounds of farmers — barnyard animals. They’re very, very active, making a lot of noise.

«Straight ahead. There it is again. Straight ahead. What is it? A strange small red light.

«It looks maybe half a mile further ahead. Go back to the edge of the clearing, see if we can get a look at it… the animals have gone quiet now… It is deathly calm.»


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