What is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) ?

In 1984, the University of California, Berkeley had started a global plan to search for extraterrestrial life called SETI@home (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at home) and the project is to use the radio telescope searching the signals from aliens.
Since 1999, anyone in the world who is willing to join the SETI can be involved in the signal analysis tasks. Now has 8.4 million users in 226 countries joined the program. When their computers into the screen saver will access the network signal analysis, this will enhance the scientists to find the unknown signal analysis ability. But others questions are the signal analysis will bring trouble to users, such as virus, potential safety problems, etc. For searching extraterrestrial civilization agency, the scientists say the program is the open source, anyone can check whether there is a virus or problematic code. In the past 15 years, this program had been used by millions of people.

Next, the scientists will upgrade the method of searching the extraterrestrial life, such as all kinds of wavelength in the universe, including radio, optical and infrared, etc. It is a comprehensive plan to explore the universe. In addition, scientists are also trying to monitor potential alien signals of star system, such as NASA’s curiosity to Mars. They need to establish a communication network, if we need to communicate with the other spacecraft within a star system, the signal will be captured by other civilizations. If scientists have found a suspicious signal, it possibly has subsequent signal, and other stations or radio enthusiasts will also receive the similar signal, so we can be multi-level identify the unknown universe signals.
At present in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence agencies, only 24 full-time scientists, two-thirds from the United States, and the budget mainly provided by NASA , the national science foundation (NSF) and some other private donors. The budget problems have made the Arecibo telescope work is also facing financial difficulties, the national science foundation is planning to stop the money supply to the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia’s. Scientists believe in the near future we can find wisdom biological signals, and find the aliens, as long as the science plan to continue.

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