The UFO landing and aliens coming out in the UFO sightings of Wales

Above the English FA cup game site, there was a group of mysterious light. Finally, it was proved to be an UFO sightings by the police, and in that evening, in the west of wales found some mysterious objects landing evidence. The witnesses said two “people” wearing silver space suit came out of the aircraft. Is the flying saucer going to see this game in particular? In April 1998, a top secret document from the MOD was sent to the British prime minister of Tony Blair, the report was worried about the information of alien life could leak. With the promulgation and implementation of freedom of information act, the British citizen more wanted to get the information about aliens and UFO. Therefore, Mr. Blair’s may hide UFO investigation event in the history of British report was also got attention, and asked to publish the report and other useful information. Tony Blair had been told by the British ministry of defence staff, the documents and records about the UFO can only read part of the detailed information of the declassified documents. Until 1999, these classified documents finally can be consulted, the recorded documents were the report of UFO contact events, a total of more than 6700 pages hidden by the British government over the past 30 years, and said many UFO sightings occurred in wales in the UK.

The most typical sightings are happened in March 1993 at the FA cup match, both sides are respectively Chelsea and Manchester united. The game was conducted at night, local police patrol near the stadium, suddenly found a group of mysterious lights in the sky. Manchester united football team, Andy Cole and Frank Leboeuf Chelsea with the Chelsea penalty area is fierce fighting, as luck would have it, meanwhile, Chelsea defender Leboeuf suddenly looked up to see the kind of luminous UFO appeared in the sky. Leboeuf, not just the other players and the more than 42000 people saw the group of light objects, almost everyone on the looked up and down. But the cunning Andy Cole’s first reaction to come over, when Leboeuf distracted, quickly out of the feet to break Leboeuf’s ball, lift leg and score goals, at this moment the goalkeeper still look up the UFO at the sky! Leboeuf distractions miss the good opportunity of end goals against Chelsea and Manchester united ended with two ball advantage, Chelsea strongly protest, the loss of this game was due to the reason for the UFO object in the night sky. That game was conducted in Chelsea’s home, because there is famous at Stamford bridge, near so Chelsea at home is also called “Stamford bridge”. In addition to the player and the audience, a lot of people living near the also have to call the police, said over the Stamford bridge saw a UFO, and others say those things had swooped past and hovering in the air, a total of lasted for almost half a minute, and the UFO is also used to change shape with a bright light.
(This video was taken on Jan 2012, Event in Wales, UK) These occur in the west wales of the UFO contact incident, and witnesses reported that a saucer aircraft landing in their own backyard in the field. More surprise, also left a few from the UFO in the silver spacesuit, the humanoid creature wearing a protective mask, and they measured something nearby aircraft. Scientists speculating over the course and the field said it is probably the same UFO object. In addition, the report suggests that extraterrestrial intelligence on biological visits around the time of reason, several possibilities, such as to investigate human’s military strength, communication science, or just to look at the scenery of the earth. The UFO contact over at Stamford bridge incident, local police said had never seen such a thing. The British ministry of defence UFO files, but there is another series of sightings, referred to as “credible witnesses report”, these are classified as the top secret of the pentagon papers, has been by the British national archives decryption. UFO expert, Nick Pope once said: “so many sightings of the record, the British government departments are also focused on UFO, such as someone previously seen UFO and almond-shaped it flashing yellow light hovering in my riding horse.” Nick Pope, a British UFO’s top experts, working in the British ministry of defence for nearly 20 years, he was ever responsible for investigation over the British UFO between 1991 and 1994. He thinks he is beginning to investigate a UFO or a skeptic. With UFO contact more and more, he told the importance of national security and aviation safety problem, have a deep understanding and change. He put forward at the same time, in Rio DE Janeiro Olympic Games is coming, UFO sightings could rise, because alien apparently intelligent life on the earth was very interested in the Olympic Games, they are likely to gaze human place suddenly appeared in the whole world. In a copy of the mod file also mentioned that extraterrestrial intelligence creatures have detected the radio signal from us a few decades ago, including television and radio. If the alien creatures have research in human psychology, so they may choose to appear in some important dates, such as the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, this is an occasion alien could possibly show up, and we all keep waiting!

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