Weird footage of ‘humanoid UFO’ over Mexico goes viral, sparks skepticism

A bizarre video of a “humanoid UFO” over Mexico has gone viral, sparking plenty of skepticism.
The humanoid-shaped object was filmed hovering above the city of Mexicali in the state of Baja California in Mexico. Self-described UFO expert Pedro Ramirez noted that it was “first sighting of 2018” and said it may be the result of mankind’s space activity in recent years.
According to data from the National UFO Reporting Center, UFO sightings around the world have reached an all-time high. Statistics show individuals in the US are more likely to witness a UFO
“Aliens are aware that we have made a number of space launches recently and have identified that we have been sending up ‘war material’,” he claimed to the CEN news agency, according to comments obtained by The Mirror.
Ramirez said that aliens may be concerned by mankind’s activity and “they have been increasingly monitoring our planet. This year will be very important for those of us who follow this phenomenon closely.”
While some believe the object is not of this world, others believe it has a more plausible explanation or is a fake.
Commentator Andrew LaSane said on that while it does look like it is a flying person, there hasn’t been any corroborating evidence of it, making him skeptical.
According to The Express,’s Scott Brando said the image is likely that of a helium balloon designed to look like a Star Wars stormtrooper, even going so far as to tweet an image of the balloon.
“The video of so-called ‘vertical UFO’ or ‘humanoid-shaped object’ taken in #Mexico has gone viral,” Brando wrote. “There’s a possible explanation like this ‘stormtrooper balloon’.”
So far, the video has been viewed more than 50,000 times, making it one of the first viral UFO videos of 2018.

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