Is Giorgio Tsoukalos Married? The Personal Life Of Giorgio Tsoukalos’ Wife

(Picture from Krix Beeble’s Facebook)
If you are an enthusiast of aliens, UFOs and the much debated ancient astronaut theory, you would certainly be aware of the name of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. He is one of the primary proponents of the Ancient astronaut theory and he is also the publisher of ‘The Legendary Times’ magazine. Tsoukalos is also famous for the TV show titled ‘Ancient Aliens’ that gets aired on History TV.
Tsoukalos is famous for two things, which include his concepts to support the ancient astronaut theory, and secondly, his hairstyle. What many people do not know is that he is a happily married guy and his wife is a glass artist named Krix Beeble. Tsoukalos’ wife prefers not to be under the spotlight hence she maintains a very calm profile. Here are some introductory facts about this nice and lovely lady who has tied the knots with the expert on beings from the other world.
Giorgio Tsoukalos Wife

(Picture from Krix Beeble’s Facebook)
Before marrying Giorgio Tsoukalos on 10th March 2013, Krix Beeble used to stay in Coral Springs, Florida. She is born on 8th January and she is a perfect Capricorn when it comes to her personal tastes and choices. She did her schooling from SAIL High School in Tallahassee, post which the talented girl became a member of the CORE Institute of Somatic Therapy. After marriage, Krix has been staying with her husband Giorgio Tsoukalos in Los Angeles, California.
Apart from being a talented glass artist, Beeble loves to listen to music as well in her personal life. If asked about her personal choices, music and hair styling would possibly top the chart. Some of her favorite music bands or music performers include Steven Wilson, Sage Francis, Patrick Jorgensen, and Sido, among many others. She also loves watching movies like Ender’s game, movies of the Predator series, movies of the Aliens series and many more. This shows that Tsoukalos has some good influence over his wife’s thought process as well.
Professional life of Krix Beeble
Professionally Kris Beeble is a jewelry designer who loves to work primarily with glass. She also prefers to use metal and leather along with glass to design the various jewelry items which she sells through her studio that has been setup in 2006. The trivia about Beeble is that she has not attended any professional courses to learn about glass art or making jewelry items out of glass. It is her sheer talent and passion that has made her learn this artistry on her own and excel on it. Some of the most famous and unique designs which have been appreciated by her admirers include the domed universe ring, the Glimpse of the Universe ring, and the Galactic crystal trigonal glass chandelier ear rings.
Her husband Tsoukalos is a big admirer of her art work as he is seen wearing her creations in many TV shows where he has featured. Be it ‘Ancient Aliens’, ‘H2’ or ‘In Search of Aliens’, Tsoukalos has always been seen wearing the items from his wife’s studio which clearly proves that Krix Beeble has got an avid admirer of her work in her husband.

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