USO Photographed – Aegean Sea

USOs or Unidentified Submarine Objects have long been observed in Turkish waters. That is, such crafts are often reported to enter, leave, float or travel under the water of seas, lakes, and rivers of Turkey.

In this respect, the Aegean Sea, the Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are very active water regions. Below we have some further details of the most interesting USO cases of all Turkish UFO literature. Here it is.

In August of 1990, a strange underwater UFO was seen beneath the waters of the Aegean Sea, which lies between Turkey and Greece. What makes this USO encounter so special is that it includes a colored picture of an alleged Unidentified Submersible Object as physical evidence.

Furthermore, we should add that the eyewitness and the USO are both under the water. Naturally, there are some amazing photographs, motion pictures and video clips of USOs showing that these mysterious objects are diving into, emerging from, sailing or cruising under the water.

However, there was no single picture indicating that the alleged submarine UFO and the photographer were both beneath the sea at some fathoms. As far as we know, this alleged USO photo is therefore the first example of its kind.

This spectacular USO case occurred at 14:00 (2:00 PM), on 15th of August, 1990. Its exact place was at 57 meters deep in the Saros Bay, or nearTurkish inland waters of the Aegean Sea.

One can easily state that Mr. Erol Erkmen is a very reliable and sincere person who has reported this mysterious underwater object. Mr. Erkmen was engaging in a discovery dive for an old sunken ship together with his friend, named as Mr. Kemal, whose surname has been kept as secret, when he suddenly located the alleged USO there.

Mr. Erol Erkmen said that he began to feel very strangely as if they were observed by something. Then he looked ahead and saw a greenish light inside the water.

However, this mysterious object soon disappeared. After a while, Mr. Erkmen again located the green object on his left hand side. Consequently, he thought that the USO might have been maneuvering around them.

He observed it for nearly 3 minutes. Then he decided to take a picture of this strange light using an older underwater Kodak camera. Immediately he snapped a photo.

As soon as Mr. Erkmen took the shot, the object’s light went out. However, they had to come out of the water, since their oxygen was just about to die out.

Mr. Erol Erkmen said that when he studied the negative very carefully, he saw nothing at first.

On the other hand, when he looked up the printed photochrome, he located a mysterious greenish light in the picture. Being curious, he enlarged the photograph 300 times. He was then shocked that there was a disc-shaped object with a greenish light in the alleged photo.

If so, what was it? Was it a conventional submarine or a secret man-made vehicle? Was it a kind of phosphorescent underwater organism? Or, was it an advanced submersible craft of alien beings? Who knows? Every alternative view has its own pros and cons.

Written by Sefer Murat Aksoy, B.A. & M.S. Independent UFO Researcher of Turkey

Turkey USO Sightings: Sefer Murat Aksoy, 1999-2000).

Edited by the UFO Casebook

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