Mysterious Muriwai ‘Monster’ Discovered On Beach In New Zealand

-There are many strange things hidden beneath the waters and sometimes we can see something truly unusual – like the mysterious Muriwai ‘monster’ that washed on a beach in New Zealand and caused panic.Locals of Auckland’s Muriwai Beach were surprised to discover a giant barnacle-covered object on the shore, about 40 kilometres north-west of Auckland this weekend. No-one knew what it was and there were lots of speculations.

Melissa Doubleday, a local spotted the object when it was still moving and she posted several images on Facebook asking if anyone could identify this strange object.

Some guessed it was a “sea monster with dreadlocks” or a “beach Christmas tree.”

The so-called Muriwai “’monsteer’ is actually a piece of driftwood covered in goose barnacles. Gooseneck barnacles are filter-feeding crustaceans that live attached to hard surfaces along shorelines between the tide marks.

Plenty of unusual things have been washing up on New Zealand beaches lately, after recent earthquakes disrupted the landscape.

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