Unknown Object Observed and Photographed in UK

Hello, I have sent many, many UFO pics to your site, but this is my first ever submission. My girlfriend and I were standing on our balcony (porch) last night at around 9.45 pm having a smoke. The evenings are getting cold now so we were only there 10 minutes and were about to go back inside. All of a sudden from our east at approximately 9.55 pm, appeared a ‘pale orange’ light. This light was only slightly bigger/brighter than the north star (the brightest star visible in England).

However, we both knew it was no conventional aircraft like any that we have ever seen! I’m not saying it was an alien craft, but its flight characteristics were just so unfamiliar, so I wanted to report it to you. Smooth and fluid is how we’d explain the flight path of the orange light/orb. Faster than your average airplane, but luckily we had a good open view of it for around 15/20 seconds before it disappeared behind the side of our house. It was silent as opposed to the regular terrestrial aircraft we saw before and after it. That was that.

At this point I couldn’t resist keep putting my coat on and going back outside in the hope of the orange orb reappearing, but it didn’t. Although at 10.10 pm I saw another unusual ‘craft’ from the west, climbing northeast. This was four white lights in the shape of a square (and when rotated a diamond!). Once again it was silent and only in view for less than 10 seconds, it was interesting enough for me to shout to my girlfriend Suzi to come and look. She only saw it for around three to five seconds, but it was enough to make us frown in awe at each other. I made sure I had my camera ready this time, and got a quick photo (enclosed).


Col Foster,

Colley Gate, West Midlands, England

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