Chorley in ‘UFO Alert’

A strange light was seen across Chorley on Monday evening sparking a ‘UFO alert’ in the town. BAE Sytems worker Neil Simpson was at his home in Saville Street, Chorley, at around 9.50pm when he saw the light in the sky.

Seconds later his partner, who was on her way to work, rang to say she had seen an amazing orange light in front of her car as she drove down the slip road to the M61 at Botany Bay.

Another Guardian reader said he saw a strange light near Cuerden Valley in Clayton-le-Woods minutes earlier.

Mr Simpson said: “I realised no noise accompanied the light. It was not like when there is a helicopter. I rang the police in Chorley because I was curious to find out if anyone else had seen it.”

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed they had received details of the sighting.

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