Unknown Flying Object Videotaped over Heber, Utah

Heber, Utah – 12-18-16

Every night, assuming its a clear night, I step out on my front porch and watch this “Dancing Star”. I have had multiple witnesses come view the object with me, and they have also confirmed that is moving in strange patterns.

Most are difficult to notice unless you are watching it with a steady eye.

It is much brighter than any other stars in the sky; which is why it stood out and got my attention.

It will wobble left to right then pause for a moment, then rise a short distance, pause, then drop back down close to its original position.

Most of my family members if not all, are not into the whole UFO thing, but this event leaves them speechless.

Some give a small chuckle and go back inside; not because they don’t see it, but because they can see it and have no idea what to think of it.

If I had proper equipment to get some good footage I most certainly would. Please send someone out with a good tripod and camera to record this incredible event that has been happening night for several weeks.

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