This day in UFO History: Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh UFO Sighting

There are myths and stories lurking around UFOs, and there are people who claimed to have seen these flying objects. The perfect evidence is still not present, but the research is going strong. Ancient literature, monuments and artifacts are being researched upon and being studied to having any evidence regarding the meeting of the old people with these aliens. The case of this celebrated astronomer is well illustrated in this instance.
Clyde William Tombaugh was an American astronomer that was notorious for discovering Pluto. Later on, his discovery is considered a dwarf planet. During his journey, he discovered many asteroids that are subject to serious scientific research. Tombaugh grew up on a farm in Kansas and was working at Arizona’s Lowell Observatory when he made the discovery on February 18, 1930. On Aug 20, 1949, he reported seeing six UFOs over New Mexico. Investigators of these sightings and abduction report speaking with them and have exact scientific approaches for investigating the reports they receive.
There are some theories and evidences that aren’t entirely reliable, which tell about the various things happening when the aliens arrive. The alien existence is somewhat imaginary and cannot to be trusted with blind eyes. As a result, further research is done, and the references and photos attached to it have been making rounds. Even though its existence hasn’t been confirmed, it leaves experts with ample room for further research in this area. Years after Pluto discovery, Tombaugh continued searching for other evidence. But the lack of further developments has made him jump to conclusions that no other object of a similar and bright magnitude existed near the ecliptic.
Clyde Tombaugh died on January 17, 1997, but one of his ultimate requests was for his ashes to be sent into space. A little container carrying his remnants is being attached to the upper deck of the probe airing the inscription. The fact that Tombaugh has significantly contributed in this planet and has become a legendary astronomer, he is worth celebrating and remembering.

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