Unexplained Nanking Incident – Mysterious Disappearance Of 3,000 Soldiers Who Vanished Into Thin Air

There are many odd stories about people who mysteriously disappeared. The unexplained Nanking incident is about 3,000 soldiers who vanished into thin air, never to be seen again.

What happened to them? How can people just vanish from one spot without any trace? There are some theories that could explain this unusual disappearance, but there are no definite answers that solve this mystery.

It should be pointed out right from the start that the disappearance of the soldiers is not related to the Nanjing Massacre that took place in 1937. The Nanjing siege was over and resolved by mid 1938, over a year earlier.

Nanking Incident – Mysterious Disappearance of 3,000 Soldiers Who Vanished Into Thin Air

On December 9, 1939, during the horrors of the Japanese aggression against the Republic of China during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-45), a newly-arrived battalion of Chinese soldiers was assigned to a two-mile stretch of foothills as reinforcements in the area of Nanjing. The commander of the battalion was colonel Li Fu Sien and the Chinese army was ordered to prevent the Japanese from getting out of the city

Several hours later 3,000 Chinese soldiers were gone without a trace. There were no signs of any battle and their guns were found stacked beside their cooking fire. With the exception of a handful of troops stationed at the bridge on watch, there was not another single soldier to be seen.

Who could an entire army just vanish? One theory is that the Japanese had attacked and dragged the soldiers away, but colonel Li Fu Sien and his aides had not heard any sounds during the night.

The few remaining soldiers were questioned, but according to their testimonies they had not heard any sounds of combat. They had absolutely no idea what could have happened to the missing battalion.

Nanking Incident – Mysterious Disappearance of 3,000 Soldiers Who Vanished Into Thin Air

Had the Chinese decided to surrender to the Japanese? If they so, they could have had to cross a bridge into the area occupied by the Japanese, and this bridge was under constant observation. Peasants living in the area reported they had not seen anyone crossing the bridge, nor had they had any gunfire.

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More Strange And Unexplained

It is unlikely that the soldiers had deserted because there were no hiding places in an area where vegetation was so sparse. Three thousand soldiers would be detected sooner or later, and it these people were never found.

According to reports that came later from the Japanese, they had not engaged any such group of Chinese soldiers in battle during that time.

An alternative theory is that the soldiers vanished into a parallel universe. If our reality is surrounded by a number of invisible parallel worlds, isn’t it possible for a person to enter one of those unknown realms simply by mistake?

If that happens, the person in question would find him or herself in a different reality, probably unable to ever get back to our own world.

There are many speculations and no real answers. The fact remains – 3,000 soldiers vanished into thin air and their disappearance remains an unexplained mystery.

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