UFO Witnesses Share The Same UFO Sighting Decades Later

North Central Ohio is very curious about UFO stories. News Journal received a lot of calls after publishing a story on Sunday about a well-known UFO incident that happened on October 18, 1973, in the Mansfield area. An investigator wants to talk to the witnesses about what happened that night.
A handful of present and past residents contacted the newspaper and Mutual UFO Network investigator Terry Hamilton.
No one could identify the aerial object that fall day over four decades ago. But many remember the event vividly because it was very strange to them.
Brian Stevens, who was 13 at that time, said he saw an orange ball hovering and reflecting the light of the setting sun. Steven was looking at Westbrook Country Club when he saw the strange floating object.
Later that night, Glenn Stout was taking a break from his job at Mansfield Tire. He was on the back dock standing with some coworkers when he saw an unusual light travelling toward and almost colliding with a helicopter above the Westbrook Country Club area.
After that sighting, he saw a news story about a UFO that interfered with the flight path of an Army Reserve helicopter above Mansfield. He was sure the news was talking about the same incident he had witnessed. On the same month, he claimed to have received surprisingly low bill amounting $4 only. He wondered whether the object had something to do with it.
Judith Hamm was outside a home earlier in the day near Pavonia when she noticed a plane flying toward another plane, but the object veered away and vanished. Hamm said she nearly screamed because she thought a collision was coming.
Hamm said that she thought that the object was a military aircraft at first but realized it wasn’t because it moved faster than any plane and performed a strange manoeuvre.

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