Roswell Incident: U.S. Astronaut Informed About UFO Existence

Astronauts spend their career and most of their time in space. Yes, life beyond earth. However, are they are any claims that they see aliens in an actual? If you are into extraterrestrial life, you have probably read about NASA and several witnesses claiming as such, but it is rare for the astronauts say something about their experiences. Therefore, it pays a price to listen to what this famous astronaut is saying. When reading about extraterrestrial life, it is a well-settled rule to open your heart and mind.
Edgar Mitchell was one of the famous Apollo 14 astronauts. Aside from being a competent person on his job, he spent the time to share his experiences during the peak of his career. If you are a fan of Unidentified Flying Objects, you have probably heard of Roswell incident that occurred in 1947. Indeed, it was the most prominent, reputable and famous extraterrestrial encounter. He recently tackled to the to share the remarks attributed to him. Precisely speaking, it is about the strange creatures, as well as the famous incident in Roswell occurred in Mexico, where an extraterrestrial vessel landed in 1950’s.
In this story, it does not matter when and how Roswell happened, let’s focus on the conversation brought by the famous astronaut to the strange humanoid creatures. The most interesting scenario is the words conveyed by the aliens. Mitchell grew up in the area and claimed that he never saw strange beings. However, he admitted talking to some people who are being employed in the White Sands nuclear facility. According to the employees, they confirmed that such activity took place.
He also said that the occurrence was kept a top secret since the technology is being obtained from the strange object brought by the “moneyed” interests. Whether or not it is true, the famous astronaut is confident that such occurrence happened.

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