UFO Sightings On Gympie

As we all know we are still curious whether we are alone in this universe or not for decades now.
It goes beyond our limit of understanding. The experts and enthusiasts have long debated the existence of UFO. Until now we are still hearing different gossips about UFOs being sighted here and there. For decades the answers to our questions are still unknown.
Gympie is one of the places that UFOs are being sighted. One of the sightings happened in June 2017 wherein an anonymous man claimed that he saw a mysterious flying object high above the town.
The mad said that it was around 11 to 11:30 in the morning when he saw the object. At first glance, it was hard to make out the shape of the object, and its movements were languid and very deliberately.
According to the man, it made a path somewhere around where Widgee would be before going south and back again. When the object tried to turn in place at a certain point, the witness saw its triangular shape and a metallic body with the glowing lights.
The man was not convinced of what he saw. Could this be one of the proof that we are not alone?
Another sighting that occurred in Gympie was on June 2015 when James Loose was annoyed when he captured an unusual purple light with his camera. Then after this picture was posted on Facebook to answer his query, it was later said that the light was a stationary, north-west and twinkling about 35 degrees above the horizon.
For almost three years the source of light that was captured still can’t be determined.
On October 2013, a resident named Wayne Kuskopf claimed that he saw an extraterrestrial after he glimpsed a brightly coloured object in the night sky from his kitchen.
According to Mr Kuskopf, he immediately thought it was a UFO after seeing a circle of red lights with a pale green centre. He said it was hanging above the top of the mountain and remained still for a while before moving westward towards Woolooga and shrinking the whole time.
It was his first time to see things like that, but according to his neighbours, they had seen something similar before.

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