New Nimitz UFO Incident Report Provides Details of the Alien Craft’s Advanced Capabilities

One of the most alluring cases of UFO existence was the 2004 Nimitz Incident. It happened during a training exercise involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, a group of aircraft carriers, off the coast of California. The aircraft carriers picked up mysterious signals, which reportedly an aircraft flying nearby.
A U.S. Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor was one of the pilots of the two Hornets that the USS Princeton sent out to investigate the strange signals. On the investigation, Fravor happened to spot a peculiar Tic-Tac shaped aircraft that apparently moved like nothing he had ever seen.
The aircraft had appeared to have no wings and was estimated to be around 40 feet long. After few minutes of pursuing, the craft vanished.
According to Fravor, the unknown craft accelerated and gone as he got closer and his nose started to pull back up. He described the object as faster than he had ever seen. They tried to turn around to see what was in the water but failed to see the UFO as they only saw blue water.
Now, a Las Vegas news team reportedly acquired an official report on the incident.
According to the report, the Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) was not in the inventory of the United States or any other nations. The UFO has the characteristics to make the American radar engagement capabilities useless. It exhibited aerodynamics performance that was considered advanced with no visible control surfaces and means to generate lift. The AAV showed advanced propulsion technology as it remained stationary with little to no visible signature. The report stated that the AAV might have the ability to cloak or become invisible to the human observation. It further mentioned that the AAV could operate undersea undetected by our most advanced sensors.
The authenticity of the report is not yet validated, but if it is true, it is probably the most disturbing or convincing piece among UFO documentation.

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