UFO Sighting: Two Bright Red, Disc-Seen in Colorado

The truth may be stranger than fiction, but sometimes it’s just about damn near impossible to determine the truth, since there is a conflict between observation and theory. What was the purpose of Stonehenge? What was behind the Roswell UFO crash (1947)? Do aliens want to convey something? What is the meaning of crop circle patterns? The list is almost endless. If you are an alien aficionado, you will be able to discover thousands of sightings nearly every day.
A Colorado man reported seeing two bright red saucer-shaped strange objects hovering over his neighborhood in Adams County. According to the testimony, at about 9:15 p.m. on July 15, 2015, a couple who was watching television saw the object when the man stepped out of the house to fix a light. Afterward, he noticed seeing a two bright red extraterrestrial vessels hovering over his neighbor’s house. When he was alarmed, he called his wife. Upon seeing the objects in the sky, she argued that they were airplane lights. Since their house has too many windows, his wife saw red lights and thought they were fireworks. When the man came to the window, he saw the flying saucers flown close to the window. He could see the object clearly.
When the disc-shaped object came closer to their home, it hovered over their house minutes later. The couple was very scared. The wife asked her husband to go out to see the aliens. At that moment, he also noticed the arrival of two Air Force jets. However, the two disc-shaped vessels took off suddenly at “great speed.” According to them, helicopters also appeared during the incident. The connection between the UFOs and military jets is uncertain. UFO enthusiasts would speculate that alien followed the planes for observation and that authorities were unconscious of it.

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