Floating Black Ring Hovering the Sky: Is it a UFO?

Strictly speaking, UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. It is considered as a strange object because it hovers in the sky, but totally stands apart from the planes and birds. Nobody has been able to catch these objects alive. There are anecdotes that such objects were caught and then have dissolved. What follows are the threads of evidence. But when taken all together, they become highly suggestive that something extraordinary happens, even an out-of-this-world experience, has happened to an ordinary person – villagers were baffled as they spotted a black ring hovering in the sky. Is there any logical explanation about this sighting?
The strange phenomenon was spotted in the sky on top of the Short and village, next to Astana, Kazakhstan. Approximately one kilometer above the ground, the huge black ring was seen floating in the sky for around fifteen minutes. Afterwards, it then disappeared, leaving no trace or shadows behind. A few years ago, a similar ring was seen spotted in Leamington Spa. According to Georgina, he looked up at the sky and thought that the sighting was incredible. Before it disappeared, it floats in the air. She believed that the object is one that is an extraterrestrial type because the structure and the movement does not appear as a bird or a plane. When asked if she is the only one who saw the sighting, she said they were ten of them.
Nick Pope, the UFO expert, said that the object is a bizarre image. It does not look like an ordinary ring as it has a smoky appearance. He even suggested that the ring possibly was made by millions of insects or bees. But he can’t conclude because there are no sounds of insects or bees. In connection with his logical explanation, he firmly believed that the object is hovering the sky is a real-life X-File.
If you want a simpler explanation, it could be that the rings caused by shape fire lighting. According to NBC, the US may be attributed to the homemade trash can smoke ring launcher.

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