UFO Over White House Capitol

Wilbur Will Allen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton and an expert photographer of interdimensional UFOs in the prohibited P56-A airspace over Washington, DC, has revealed in an exclusive August 7, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview that U.S. government agencies are continuing a public cover-up of continuing, recent documented interdimensional extraterrestrial UFOs that are creating interdimensional wormholes and flying over the U.S. Capitol and White House.

Mr. Allen indicates that some of these documented interdimensional UFO/ET events in prohibited airspace occurred as recently as July 4, 2011 (below image) over the Washington Monument, which is the center of P56-A prohibited airspace.


The UFO events also include an October 13, 2010 broadcast of three spherical UFOs during a BBC TV report from the White House.

A public panic like the 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast

Mr. Allen states that, in his opinion, U.S. government agencies are refraining from informing the public of these UFO overflights over prohibited airspace of U.S. governance venues because they fear that disclosing these continued overflights would trigger public panic along the lines of the infamous “War of The Worlds” invasion broadcast hoax by actor Orson Welles of October 30, 1938:

War of The Worlds

Orson Welles – Radio Broadcast 1938

Mr. Allen has also stated that that,

“Everett Bellamy (Senior Assistant Dean of Georgetown Law Center), on behalf of John Podesta, who is a full-time faculty member at Georgetown Law Center, a former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton (1998-2001) and Co-chair of the Obama Transition Team (2008-9), told Mr. Allen that the frequent UFO and extraterrestrial over flights and landings on the U.S. Capitol that Mr. Allen is able to document photographically using state of the art high definition equipment could, if made widely public, ‘destabilize society,’ and urged Mr. Allen to cease his activity documenting these UFO/ET over fights and landings.”

ExopoliticsTV interview with Will Allen

Readers can watch an ExopoliticsTV interview with Will Allen on UFOs over White House and U.S. Capitol embedded in the article above or at the following URL:

UFOs during live BBC White House TV coverage

In his ExopoliticsTV interview, as an example of UFO activity that is captured and blatantly broadcast on mainstream media and yet is kept from public discourse and public attention, Will Allen discusses the October 13, 2010 BBC broadcast of three UFOs during a live White House TV update.

A photograph of the UFOs in that BBC broadcast appear below.

As described by Robert Stanley, Mr. Allen’s colleague in his book Covert Encounters in Washington, DC,

“As a BBC Washington correspondent reported on the Obama Administration’s policy regarding homosexuality in the military, three spherical, glowing UFOs were unintentionally broadcast on television for at least one minute as they hovered near the White House.

The UFOs moved independently and were violating P56-A which is the heart of the prohibited airspace that centers around the Washington monument.”

No public commentary, either on the BBC or other mainstream media, or by the Obama administration press office or any U.S. government agency appeared after this BBC world broadcast of interdimensional UFO/ETs by the White House.

Research by this reporter reveals that the UFO and extraterrestrial truth embargo continues to be enforced through a peer pressure White House media infrastructure played out with White House press corps reporters.


UFOs on 4th of July – Independence Day

In his ExopoliticsTV interview (above video), Will Allen also revealed details of the photographs of interdimensional UFOs that he has taken on successive “Independence Days”,

  • July 4, 2011

  • July 4, 2010

  • July 4, 2002

Mr. Allen’s photographs of July 4 interdimensional UFOs in P56-A prohibited airspace over the Washington Monument are set out in a special slide show accompanying this article.

The July 4, 2011 UFO sightings are independently verified by other observers.

Moments after Mr. Allen’s photographed the UFO, a witness in the U.S. military standing near the Pentagon saw the same dark UFO that Will Allen photographed July 4, 2011.

This witness’ report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) reads:

National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred: 7/4/2011 21:15 (Entered as: 07/04/11 21:15)
Reported: 7/11/2011 5:29:53 PM 17:29
Posted: 7/17/2011
Location: Washington, D.C., DC
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: 2 seconds

“Parked on 14th street Bridge during fireworks display, my family and I saw something fly over head silently and without lights. It was black or carbon, and we all watched this object fly over.

“Can anybody tell me what’s up or if anyone else saw something?

“I am in the US Military and have never seen anything like that.

“I do not wish to be contacted or named

“(NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. One of six reports from same source. PD)


Mr. Allen photographed the interdimensional UFO object on July 4, 2011 at 9:13 p.m. The NUFORC report stated the Pentagon sighting of the UFO by a U.S. military personnel was 9:15 p.m., a result that is consistent with Mr. Allen’s sighting.

Following the above July 4, 2011 UFO sighting, another July 4, 2011 UFO sighting and photo occurred a few hours after the fireworks on Capitol Hill (below images):

UFOs over Washington, DC – Will Allen

July 4, 2011 Washington Monument

Credit: UFODC.com, Will Allen

UFOs on July 20, 2011 & 2010 – F-14 fighter jet chases & UFOs over the White House

In his ExopoliticsTV interview, Mr. Allen reveals a UFO sighting witnessed by a friend of his on July 20, 2011 that involved an interdimensional UFO being chased by F-14 fighter jets over Washington, DC.

According to Mr. Allen, “A friend in NE Washington, DC called to tell me he was suddenly aroused by the sounds of low flying jets, jets just over the tree tops. What he saw being chased was a UFO with ball of light. It [the UFO] moved fast and the jets barely paced behind this object. This happened at 7:35 pm on July 20, 2011.

This July 20, 2011 UFO chase event parallels a July 20, 2010 event in which Mr. Allen photographed UFOs with a ball of light directly over the White House in P56-A prohibited airspace.

Mr. Allen states,

“On July 20, 2010 at 3:18:07 AM in NW Washington DC, a relatively short distance from the White House, I imaged a slow moving UFO pulse through the sky, and then [observed the UFO] fire an energy beam which extended from it.”

Mr. Allan also states,

“I took several stationary images of the stars as I usually do. However, there is one object I thought to be a star, moving and then discharging a beam of light!!!…. There is one frame that does not make much sense? A Star is either moving or shooting a beam of light that is ‘bent’? The motion is not registered with any of the other ‘stars’ in this sampling.”

Mr. Allen added,

“In the ten frames of images [in a video of the UFO] are other objects. First are the echoes of the luminous anomaly slightly in front of this object in tandem flight and maneuver. What the luminous anomaly did, so did the echoes except they did not discharge a plasma beam? Secondly, it was in pursuit of another object(s).

In my analysis, I discovered a luminous red object in flight, however in pursuit of an energy distortion, which I have imaged may times, because it follows me? However, in the ten frames the objects mentioned all are perhaps in a tactical posture. Please take a look, the physical data does indeed show ET engagement, and the anomaly is discharging a tactical device.

Ironic, it echoes the hyperdimensional UFOs on July 16, 1952/July 16, 2002/July 4, 2002/July 4, 2010/July 20, 2010, Analysis B (quadrant analysis) July 20, 2010.”

It seems reasonable to speculate that the UFO Mr. Allen photographed on July 20, 2010 at 3:18 AM was an intentional incursion by an intelligent hyperdimensional civilization into the airspace adjacent to the White House.

Mr. Allen has long-standing apparent working relationship with an apparent intelligent hyperdimensional civilization behind the hyperdimensional UFOs he photographs. He has a solid record of accurate, high speed, high definition photographs of hyperdimensional UFOs in the P-56A restricted airspace over Washington DC and adjacent to the White House.

This reporter has noted that Mr. Allen’s photographs of UFOs flying over and landing on the roof of the U.S. Capitol on July 16, 2002 were taken 50 years from July 16, 1952, when UFOs were photographed over the U.S. Capitol.

Mr. Allen’s historic photographs of the July 16, 2002 event together with UFO sightings and landings by U.S. Senate buildings, and the Washington Monument are set out a slide show in a previous article.

Mr. Allen, who grew up on U.S. military bases and now resides in Washington, DC, has stated that at age five he was visited by a group of “four to five grey extraterrestrials in silver spacesuits” who implanted him with a device.

That implant device went undetected during all the years of his military and White House service, and now signals him to go to specific locations in Washington, DC where he is instructed to photograph extraterrestrial craft and personnel that enter P-56A restricted Capitol Hill airspace through hyperdimensional Star gates at extremely high speeds.

Mr. Allen, who has reported some of these UFO/ET landings to the U.S. Capitol Police, states that the police have told him his photographs confirm ET/UFO landings their officers are also encountering.

Mr. Allen believes that his photographs, which are forensic in quality, document that the same intelligent hyperdimensional civilization was behind the July 16, 1952 and the July 16, 2002 flyovers of the U.S. Capitol. These UFO/ET flyovers are continuing into the present. Mr. Allen states that the civilization communicating with him and directing his photographic documentation of their hypervelocity landings on the U.S. Capitol are “grey and human-hybrid.”

There is no independent evidence that the intelligent civilization behind the hyperdimensional UFOs appearing to Mr. Allen is grey of human-hybrid.

Through advanced photo-analysis, Mr. Allen has established dimensional similarities between the UFO phenomena

  1. surrounding the 1944 “Foo Fighters”

  2. the UFO/ET phenomena filmed by the Walt Disney company at the Lincoln Memorial on July 26, 1952

  3. the UFO/ET phenomena overlying the U.S. Capitol on July 16, 1952 (and during the July 13-29, 1952 Washington, DC UFO flap)

  4. the UFO/ET phenomena over flying the U.S. Capitol 50 years later on July 16, 2002

  5. the UFO/ET phenomena appearing over the Washington Monument (Washington, DC) on July 4, 2002

  6. ET/UFO phenomena photographed at the U.S. Capitol on November 17, 2008

  7. The UFO/ET phenomenon photographed as reflected on Commander Buzz Aldrin’s visor as he walked on the Moon during Apollo 16 (April 21-24, 1972)

According to Mr. Allen’s photo-analysis, each of the UFO/ET phenomena mentioned above was capable of dimensional shift into a self-generated Star gate phenomenon.

Washington DC as a portal for interdimensional UFOs and ETs?

In his ExopoliticsTV interview, Mr. Allen states that as a photographer, his mission is to present the data of UFO sightings in the P56-A restricted airspace of Washington, DC as object, scientifically valid data.

Mr. Allen states his is not prepared at this stage to offer further hypotheses on the agenda of the intelligence behind these interdimensional UFO incursions of Washington DC airspace that U.S. government agencies are currently banning from official public disclosure or discussion.

Mr. Robert Stanley, Mr. Allen’s colleague and associate, builds on Mr. Allen’s data and has come to a number of working conclusions.

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