UFO Over New Orleans Moved ‘As Fast As Lightning’ (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A man was strolling through the French Quarter of New Orleans when something in the sky caught his attention long enough for him to take a picture of it.
It was a UFO.
“When I turned the corner, everything changed,” the unnamed eyewitness told ABC TV affiliate WGNO.
The 40-year-old amateur photographer initially preferred to remain anonymous, but offered details of the triangular-pattern lights in the sky at 6:30 a.m. on July 19.
“It was probably four or five blocks down the road over Esplanade and it looked like it was the size of a couple of big houses,” he said. “It shined its lights in my eyes, so I had no choice but to see it. I’ve never seen those colored lights in the air before.”
Watch this WGNO-TV news report about the French Quarter UFO.

The eyewitness added that immediately after he snapped a picture, the mystery object suddenly vanished. “In an instant it was gone.”
Writing on GhostTheory.com, Scott McMan tracked down the eyewitness, now revealed simply as Jeffrey, who filed a report about the UFO on July 20 with the Mutual UFO Network.
Jeffrey described the UFO as “a very intense orange/yellow light blinding my eyes. The light was coming from what looked like two little suns up under the craft. I was unable to see the craft due to the glare and brightness of the lights.”
Having been born and raised on air force bases, he says he knows what an airplane looks like, and he just wants some answers about what this thing was.
Then, as it turns out, Jeffrey posted his own account of the UFO story on LatestUFOSightings.net, under the name of J. Wood.
“The craft was low enough to look like some kind of big hovering mass,” he wrote on that site. “I couldn’t even tell what shape it was due to the brightness of the light shining on me as tho I was under an extremely bright spotlight.”
“To be honest, it’s life changing,” Wood told WGNO-TV. “I saw something that completely defies all the knowledge that I have. And it moves as fast as lightning. I want to know if anybody else saw it.”
Wood added to McMan, “What’s in that photo is real. Yes, I’m stunned.”
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