UFO over Mexico Videotaped in Traffic Jam

Imagine spotting this while you’re in gridlock.

Imagine being stuck in a traffic jam with little to occupy yourself other than the radio and some pretty ordinary, road-based, surroundings.

Now imagine that during one of those long periods of gridlock you happen to spot something that even the brightest minds would struggle to completely explain away.

That’s pretty much what happened to Carlos Arriola, a motorist in the city of Morelia, Mexico, who noticed a mysterious flying object high in the sky above where he was driving.

Smartphones mean that such sightings are now much easier to capture, with Arriola recording the entire incident and uploading the footage to YouTube.

The resulting footage shows a strange black sphere hovering in the sky before changing direction and flying off out of view.

Could the object simply be a weather balloon? A case could be made, but given the strange change of direction it’s unlikely to hold weight unless a gust of wind took it away from view.

Mexico has seen its fair share of UFOs in the past, with speculation suggesting that the region could be the site of several test flights for top secret advanced flying technology.

Either way, the footage is likely to spark plenty of debate in the alien conspiracy theory community.

Next time you’re in a traffic jam, look up – you might be surprised by what you see.

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