Top Cities When It Comes To UFO Sightings In The U.S.

The saying ‘the truth is out there” has been popularized by the sci-fi series “The X-Files.” The thousands of UFO sightings across the United States only show that many people are still looking. According to the data from 2001 to 2015, Phoenix emerged as the leading UFO hotspot among the list of the top cities in the U.S.
The data is pulled from Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller Costa’s book “UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015.” The book was published in March 2017, compiling data and analysis for over 100,000 sightings of UFOs reported during the first 15 years of the 21st century.
Writer Cheryl Costa noted that Phoenix might be the most prevalent American place for UFO sightings possibly because of the Phoenix Lights phenomena two decades ago.
Thousands of witnesses say they saw a formation of five lights in a V-shaped and another in a triangular formation in 1997. The incident took place in Phoenix, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico. The lights reportedly produced no sound. The American Air Force claimed the second group of lights were just flares from A-10 Warthog aircraft. Phoenix is being followed by Las Vegas, Seattle, Chicago, and Portland.
Below is the list of U.S. cities that have the most UFO sightings.
City // UFO Sightings
Phoenix: 929 Las Vegas: 639 Seattle: 616 Chicago: 562 Portland: 528 Los Angeles: 525 Tucson: 480 San Diego: 477 Houston: 466 Denver: 429 Austin: 426 New York City (Manhattan): 418 Orlando: 390 Springfield: 380 Albuquerque: 376 Miami: 375 Philadelphia: 338 San Antonio: 334 Columbus: 327 Jacksonville: 326 Sacramento: 316 San Francisco: 310 San Jose: 308 Myrtle Beach: 305 Dallas: 294 Kansas City: 294

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