This day in UFO History: Travis Walton Abduction

If the extraterrestrial hypothesis is controversial, then abductions of humans by alien beings is controversial squared, if not cubed. There’s intense polarization on the issue, not just between UFO skeptics and believers, but between the believers themselves. Is there a person who can share reality story of alien abductions? Famous abduction cases, such as the Travis Walton situation, have been popularized in books and movies, along with the occurrence been validated using polygraph tests administered to all parties involved. While this may not be proof positive that aliens are abducting humans and performing experiments and surgical procedures on them, it does raise questions.
Investigators worth mentioning sightings and abduction reports call themselves Ufologists, and now have precise scientific methods meant for investigating the reports people receive. While many of your methods and findings are usually not recognized by the scientific community overall, it does raise this question of why many people would risk their reputations and careers while in the scientific world by becoming needed for paranormal investigations such seeing that these. Logic would say you need to have something to the UFO and additionally separate question, for the property to take such risks. Of course, there’s no concrete evidence that anyone has taken by an alien spaceship. However, there are those who assert they’ve been kidnapped, and their stories are chilling.
After the Sitgreaves National Forest nearby Heber, Arizona, the occurrence began on Nov. 5, 1975. Walton and his six loggers were heading when they saw a 40 ft. shiny disc soaring in the air. According to his testimony, the disc has an enthusiastic and metallic material, making strange sounds. From the time it got close, the more it became scary to people. Fifteen years later, it was being revealed that the trees where the extraterrestrial craft hovered had been producing wood fibers thirty-six times it did 85 years before. The most curious part is that its core has thickened growth, but only in the direction where the craft had been years ago.

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