UFO Hunting Satellite Is Coming To Space

UFO images and videos seem to appear every day near the International Space Station. Most of the times, the alleged UFOs in the pictures turn out to be a space debris, light reflections, an antenna attached to the station, and among other usual things.
However, it would be interesting to know that someone might launch a satellite into Earth’s orbit with the very particular mission, and that is to detect and prove unknown objects out there.
A team of researchers known as CubeSat for Disclosure aims to use a low-orbit satellite controlled by them to study potential objects in Earth’s atmosphere. They hope to find and verify a real extraterrestrial craft. They are planning to open-source the data to the individuals.
The CubeSat for Disclosure team will launch a little satellite with infrared, electromagnetic and radiation sensors, and two cameras that are capable of photographing a full 360 degrees.
There are many reports seeing UFOs near the ISS, but the video feeds suddenly cut out without apparent reasons. Project coordinator Dave Shock says that this will not happen if they can control the images. He explains that nobody will corrupt or alter the data, so the alleged government cover-up won’t be happening.
CubeSat for Disclosure, however, doesn’t have the launch date yet, and they are still raising more money to pack the satellite as much instrumentation as possible. The team is using the air and spaceport Interorbital Systems out of the Mojave Desert.
Shock said that they got the satellite through the Interorbital Systems, and they will also do the launch as part of the package of buying the satellite. The more fund the team can get, the more scientific equipment can be included on board.

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