Alien encounters in the Crimea


It all started in late August. Almost every night in a row, something strange happened. Starting with 11-12 hours of the night, I woke up with a strange feeling, I terribly wanted to go outside or at least go to the window and peek out at him. I woke up at midnight. Through the curtain was a strange white light. I looked at the window and said to myself that I’ve had enough of all this nonsense, I’m tired and want to sleep. I don’t even have time to go to bed when I fell into the darkness. Then found herself standing near the window, and stretching his hand to the curtain to open it. The light became much brighter. In addition, I heard two voices. The voice was very different. The first voice told me that I have to go to the window, open the curtain and try not to resist. The second voice was telling me opposite things. But he was weaker and I could not obey him. I looked at my hand and saw how open the curtain against their will. The second voice was gone.

Encounters with reptiloidsWhen I awoke, I was lying on something like an operating table. Above me was a bright light. I didn’t have clothes. I was not tied, but couldn’t move. I looked down and saw that I have sliced open the stomach. And someone was standing next to a metal medical tools, of which I have never seen before. It had something to do with my stomach does. I didn’t feel fear, and pain. I was able to turn my head to the right and saw that the creatures were few.

These creatures were very tall, for a human. They must have been 3 meters in height. They resembled lizards and were dressed in white jumpsuits, similar to hazmat suits. They had bumpy green skin, red eyes with black slit-like pupils. Do some skin was covered with brown spots. Their shoulders were very broad. They stood on two legs and had two arms. On the hands fingers were longer. Instead of a nose was two holes, the mouth was too small and almost invisible. Hair or something similar was not. The head was more of a “cylindrical shape” is not very large. I then thought that two or three creatures stood on my right, one or two are left, two or three near my legs and one or two behind my head.

The next thing I remember is that I woke up on my bed in the same position, reclining on his side. I looked at the window, the white light disappeared.

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