UFO Hovers over Nancy, France Garden

The L’Amarante case, as it is called took place in the town of Nancy, France in 1982.

The case is significant for two reasons:

1) The eyewitness to the UFO was a biologist, allegedly a highly reliable witness.

2) The case involved effects to vegetation.

The case at Nancy began as the eyewitness, biologist saw an ovoid-shaped object which silently descended into his garden.

Unbelievably, the object simply hovered about three feet above the ground for some twenty minutes.

The witness states that when the UFO rose up, the vegetation underneath did the same. This effect has been determined to be from electromagnet energy.

This baffling case was investigated by France’s GEPAN. They found that amarante plants near the event had withered leaves, and the fruit has burst open, as if it had been cooked.

Note: Amaranth, or amarante – any of a number of plants having thick green or reddish clusters of flowers; imaginary flower which never dies – see image above

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