200 Ancient Amulet Rings With Magical Designs Discovered At Gamla Uppsala, Sweden

– Archaeologists have discovered a large amount of ancient amulet rings at Gamla Uppsala, one of the most important, sacred ancient Viking and Pagan sites in Sweden.

The ancient rings are covered with intriguing magical designs and believed to have been used as ritual objects.

It’s not unusual that interesting artifacts are discovered at Gamla Uppsala because this particular region was filled with activity and it in ancient times this place was the high seat for kings who considered themselves descendants of the god Freyr. At this site was one of Scandinavia’s most exciting royal palace complex of the Iron Age.

Here, archaeologists have unearthed precious ancient artifacts from the Viking era, traces of worship of Pagan gods and many valuable ancient objects from the Iron Age.

What is unusual about the discovered amulet rings is that so many were unearthed at one site. This alone makes this finding unique according to archaeologists.

Scientists reports they have come across as many as 200 amulet rings dating back to 600-700 B.C.

The diameter of the rings varies between 5-15 cm and the designs are all different.

What they amulet rings all have in common is that they were used for ritual purposes.

“They had no known practical function and should be considered ritual artifacts. It’s possible they were used in connection with seasonal festivals, perhaps in conjunction with the sowing,” archaeologists Ingela Harrysson said.

It is very unusual that so many artifacts are discovered at one site, but it has happened before in Scandinavia. In 2015, 2,000 spirals made of gold were unearthed in a field in southwestern Zealand, where four gold bracelets and six gold bowls have been found in the past.

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