UFO Hovers over Lake Eufaulla, Oklahoma

I was camping and fishing at Lake Eufaulla, when I saw lights in the sky. I watched them for a few minutes as they came closer to the waters surface completely silently.

It hovered over the water and all lights went off. I could still see it clearly in the moonlight; it was triangular/teardrop in shape.

It was huge; at least 90 ft. wide maybe 20 ft. tall. Something cylindrical extended from beneath and touched the surface of the water. It stayed that way for about 5 minutes, then it went back in and the object very quickly went back up so fast the water splashed and made waves.

Once it was up about 300 ft. the lights came back on and it sped off north and up.

Not ten minutes later there was a large black chopper with only one small tail light which circled the area, then hovered in the same area for no more that 15 seconds,spotlighting the water.

Then it too left in the same direction. I don’t want people to think I’mnuts, so I don’t want to give my name, but I know what I saw.

I was pretty close and nothing that big man-made can be that quiet and quick.

Note: Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma’s largest lake, is located in southeastern Oklahoma near the city of Eufaula. Covering 105,500 surface acres with 600 miles of shoreline, Lake Eufaula is a precious Oklahoma resource.

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