Three-Fingered Mummified Aliens Found In Peru, UFO Researcher Claims

A UFO researcher has claimed he has unearthed alien remains in Nazca, Peru in 2015. Some UFO fans quickly labelled it as evidence of ancient aliens. They argued that the strange creatures may have inhabited the Earth long before the people.
According to UFO researcher Steve Mera, DNA tests show one body to be 98.5 per cent primate, related to humans, and 1.5 per cent unknown.
Steve said they have proof that the Maria body constitutes a fantastic find. He stressed that it may alter history books forever and would go down as the most significant find of the 21st Century.
However, the World Congress on Mummy Studies has described the discovery as a fraud and called it an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.

Hoax debunkers offered a detailed analysis, including the fact that, the one spreading the information about the mummy discovery, has been alleged of promoting the idea of ancient aliens of which no actual evidence was presented.
UFO author Nigel Watson said that mummy discoveries such as this one are very probably fakes. He explained that humanoid aliens with three long fingers could not survive as they would be clumsy and incapable of making a cup of tea let alone flying a spaceship.
Nigel also pointed out the fact that the news was fed to the people via a website that you need to subscribe. He said that it could be fake news designed to indulge the fascination of people with ancient aliens and UFOs.

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