UFO Flying Saucer Flies Past Plane in Spain

By Simon Green

AN ‘ALIEN spacecraft’ was filmed hurtling below a plane as shocked passengers watched on. The baffling clip, filmed over Spain, begins with the mysterious object coming into shot directly below the aircraft.

It appears to be diamond-shaped as it travels through the skies.

‘What the f***?’ the stunned cameraman says, before zooming in further.

The craft looks completely flat, but almost as soon as it comes into view, it disappears into the distance. More than 35,000 people have viewed the startling video since it was posted to YouTube on Wednesday (April 5).

‘I’ve witnessed a UFO from my airplane window seat before so I DO believe this, trust me it’s real, one user commented.

Another wrote: ‘Amazing! It seems to be moving slowly at first then speeds up.’

Some users dismissed the video, claiming it had been edited. Viewers had mixed responses to the footage, but one viewer suggested: ‘The tricky part of adding an image from a camera phone is the perspective and speed’ this passed the test of enlargement.’

Others believed the craft was, in fact, a weather balloon.