Red UFO In The Night Sky Baffles New Plymouth Man

Grant Black says that he isn’t a nut or anything but knows many people will think otherwise when he says he saw a red UFO. The Taranaki man (New Zealand) claims he saw a red UFO with a shape like a round ball flying close to New Plymouth and towards the coast on Friday night.
According to his report, he was sitting and watching a TV show when he saw something. The Plymouth Rd resident explained he saw a massive red ball flying fast through the sky horizontally.
Black estimates the size of the mysterious UFO to be approximately 500 metres. The red ball was moving parallel with Kirihau Rd towards the coast.
Black stresses that it was not falling but was moving horizontally to the ground. He says that he does not have a thing in mind to explain what he saw and is asking if any others witnessed the same strange object in the air before it vanished.
Black says that he has asked a couple of neighbours, but no one saw anything unusual.
Are you living around the area? Did you spot or capture the UFO on camera? Let us know in the comments section below.


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