Small UFO Seen Hovering Over A Police Car In Spain

Something mysterious was spotted above a police car in Spain, leading some to believe that it was an alien probe watching us.
Spanish police officers were taking images of their vehicle when a siren light exposed something strange hovering just above it. The small drone-like object was somewhat lurking as if it was monitoring the happenings below. Some conspiracy theorists quickly concluded that the craft was of extraterrestrial origin.
The UFO can be seen emitting blue lights in more than one pictures, confirming its presence rather than a mere reflection on the camera lens.
Alien enthusiasts suggested it was more like a monitoring device by extraterrestrials rather than a vehicle with aliens inside.
According to a conspiracy theory, Earth’s atmosphere is likely to be deadly to extraterrestrials.
Other UFO enthusiasts believed it was cloaked, but the flashing blue lights from the police vehicle revealed it. The mysterious aerial thing appeared to be small, about .5 to 1 meter across.
Being so small made some observers think that it was an alien drone device since the Earth could not support all forms of alien life. Conspiracy theorists explained that the Earth’s atmosphere could be deadly to some ETs.

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