UFO Expert Says NASA Will Discover Alien Life After About 5 Years

A government UFO investigator believes NASA could be less than ten years from discovering extraterrestrial life. He thinks that the space agency is on the right track.
Nick Pope, who formerly a Ministry of Defence UFO report investigator, believes NASA will discover aliens in the next 5 to 10 years.
The UFO expert says NASA will likely find proof of alien microbes or plants within the solar system.
However, the discovery of intelligent alien life could be the crowning glory for the American space agency.
The news comes after a group of 17 scientists urged the US space agency to search for extraterrestrial biosignatures on all of its future missions in space.
However, Mr Pope said that it was only a matter of time before efforts of NASA yield positive results.
He stated that discovering microbial or simple plant/animal life beyond our planet would be amazing, but the real prize would be finding other civilisations out there.
He claimed that NASA put more resources into finding technosignatures than biosignatures. He firmly thinks that it is only a matter of time before scientists find alien life, about five to ten years from now.
While Mr Pope thinks giving much attention to technosignatures is sensible but finding for biosignatures should never stop and should not ignore UFO data.
He also urges the space agency to prepare beforehand for the potential dangers associated with alien life discovery such as alien viruses and harmful bacteria as well as the possibility of hostile civilisations.

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