UFO and Reported Extraterrestrial on Moon and Mars


Apollo Moon astronauts were often followed to the Moon, at times, by U.F.O.s. Official N.A.S.A. Apollo 12 photograph AS12-497319 clearly Shows a large U.F.O. hovering over an astronaut walking on the Moon.

The government agencies policies of keeping U.F.O.s secret from the general public is well-known and has been well-documented in several books by famous astronomers like J. Allen Hynek (who investigated U.F.O.s for the U.S. Air Force), Major Donald KeyhoeTimothy Good (in his book Above Top Secret), and many other professionals. One unquestionably absolute expert we may want to consult is Christopher Kraft, who was director of the N.A.S.A. tracking base in Houston during the Apollo Moon missions, when he revealed the following conversation “after” he left his work at N.A.S.A.:

–  ASTRONAUTS NElL ARMSTRONG and BUZZ ALDRIN speaking from the Moon: “Those are giant things. No, no, no …. this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this!”
–  MISSION CONTROL (HOUSTON CENTER): “What…what…what? What the hell is happening? What’s wrong with you?”

–  ASTRONAUTS: “They’re here under the surface.”
–  MISSION CONTROL: “What’s there? Emission interrupted… interference control calling Apollo II.”


– ASTRONAUTS: “We saw some visitors. They were there for awhile, observing the instruments.”
–  MISSION CONTROL: ”Repeat your last information.”


–  ASTRONAUTS: “I say that there were other spaceships. They’re lined up on the other side of the crater.”
–  MISSION CONTROL: “Repeat…repeat!”

–  ASTRONAUTS: “Let us sound this orbita ….. In 625 to 5…automatic relay connected… My hands are shaking so badly I can’t do anything. Film it? God, if these damned cameras have picked up anything… what then?”
–  MISSION CONTROL: “Have you picked up anything?”


–  ASTRONAUTS: “I didn’t have any film at hand. Three shots of the saucers or whatever they were that were ruining the film.”

–  MISSION CONTROL: “Control, control here. Are you on your way? Is the uproar with the U.F.O.s. over?

–  ASTRONAUTS: “They’ve landed there. There they are and they are watching us.”
–  MISSION CONTROL: “The mirrors, the mirrors…have you set them up?”


–  ASTRONAUTS: “Yes, they’re in the right place. But whoever made those space ships surely can come tomorrow and remove them. Over and out.”

It is logical that if government agencies keep the existence of U.F.O.s from outer space secret from the public, if they discovered the home of the U.F.O.s that would obviously be secret also, and they would have to release “cover stories” about the Moon to hide the truth. The problem has been that witnesses have “talked” to our Department of interplanetary Affairs.


Among the experts who told us about life on the Moon and the discoveries of the astronauts were:

  • Farida Iskiovet, former U.F.O investigator for the President of the United Nations
  • a mysterious Mr. English who did TOP SECRET photography for N.A.S.A.
  • the moon astronauts:
    • Commander Mark Huber formerly of Naval Intelligence who knew much top secret data
    • Sgt. Willard Wannal (formerly Army Intelligence)
    • Major Wayne S. Aho (formerly Army Intelligence who submitted U.F.O research to Congress)
  • Dr. James Hurrah from the N.A.S.A. space program
  • and others who have secret identities. I personally spoke to all of the above leaks and investigators

Suspicion or interest in life on the Moon grabbed public attention when the inventor of the radio (so credited) Marconi, Tesla publicly reported his experiments in transmitting radio signals to the Moon and attempting to receive answers, which he indeed believed took place. After that, American, British, and French astronomers reported glowing and moving and sometimes even blinking lights on the Moon during the 1920s and 1930s, often reported in local newspapers and scientific journals of those years which can often be found in major libraries. This interest peaked when a respected expert in aerial phenomenon, Pulitzer Prize winning astronomer John O’Neill, publicly reported observing the “bridge” on the Moon that appeared artificially constructed by intelligence. There were other witnesses to the twelve mile long “bridge” which was erected because it was not seen in the same place before, and was later dismantled for unknown reasons (was it too conspicuous?). The bridge sighting occurred in the early 1950s.

Most of the Gemini and Apollo astronauts admitted that they saw U.F.O.s while they were in orbit, particularly Gordon Cooper who publicly admitted he believed they were intelligently controlled craft (we have seen his photos of U.F.O.S). James McDivitt also took U.F.O. photos while orbiting Earth and we have seen these also. One Soviet astronaut mission in the 1960s, designed to set a new record for time in orbit, was mysteriously aborted right after their craft entered space. Private researchers with powerful receiving radio equipment claimed the Soviet cosmonauts were followed into orbit by U.F.O.s, which surrounded them and began bouncing them back and forth as if they were playing a ball game with the Soviet craft. The cosmonauts reportedly panicked and were immediately sent back to Earth.

During the 1950s many U.F.O.S seen over Earth were tracked back to the Moon by government tracking stations in secret complexes in deserts in Arizona and Nevada and inside underground mountain bases. WE HAVE ONE PHOTO OF A SAUCER SHAPED CRAFT HOVERING OVER THE MOON, taken by a civilian astronomer. Sergeant Willard Wannail, who investigated U.F.O. landings on Ohio when in Army Intelligence, showed us an 8 by 10 CLEAR glossy detailed photo of a silvery spaceship hovering directly over a huge Moon landscape, estimated to be several miles long, and said to be CITY-SHIP designed to transport thousands of people between solar systems or galaxies and live for extended periods of time in self-sufficient orbiting communities!

In the 1950s to 1960s more moving, flashing, and stationary lights were seen on the Moon by civilian astronomers, usually inside craters, along with a mysterious glowing cross. Soviet and American spacecraft in orbit over the Moon began to photograph mysterious structures on the Moon which were censored by N.A.S.A. for awhile, yet were obtained by Scientific researchers like Fred Steckling who demanded the evidence from this so-called “civilian agency.” It is amazing how N.A.S.A. released these photos WITHOUT COMMENT! Many of the structures can only be seen when these photos are blown-up to a much larger size.

The U.S. spacecraft RANGER II took over 200 photographs of Moon craters with domes inside. These domes are nothing new. They were reported in the news media by French astronomers about 48 years earlier. 33 Moon dome photos from Lunar Orbitter 2 were released without comment, in Washington D.C., in 1967. On June 1, 1966, N.A.S.A. had admitted to the news media that astronauts had seen U.F.O.S, then later on contradicted themselves by denying it (anyone who saves all official releases on U.F.O.S from agencies will find many contradictory statements to prove a cover-up). That did not stop Astronaut Gordon Cooper from his public statement “I believe in extraterrestrial life because I saw a spacecraft” (on his 16th Gemini orbit).


There are also the photos in our files of the “Blair cuspids”, taken by satellites on the Moon showing strange spires that have been found to form perfect geometric patterns. Tall white spires resembling the Washington monument were photographed on the lunar surface, along with mysterious straight roads or tracks that cut through craters, hills, valleys, and rock piles without a twist. Some of the domes had flashing lights. Several N.A.S.A. photos we saw showed long cigar-shaped objects parked on the Moon, which later departed in other photos. We observed one photo of a pyramid like object on the dark side.


THE DARK SIDE is always hidden to our eyes and telescopes on Earth, an obviously perfect place for aliens to construct secret hidden spaceports. A lack of atmosphere is no problem to enclosed domes with artificial environments, which even N.A.S.A admits our scientists have the technology (but not the billions of dollars) to construct, an underground bases with artificial air-conditioning like our military now has on Earth. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell privately told Farida Iskiovet, of our Department of Interplanetary Affairs, that he saw a U.F.O. on the Moon.

In 1978 a mysterious tall, stocky, agent-appearing stereotype man moved to Maui, identified as a Mr. English. I cannot give out his full name. He had a TOP SECRET security clearance from N.A.S.A., and reported to me that he was staff photographer to the Apollo astronauts, had photographed the wreckages and bodies of crashed alien flying discs in a secret Texas Air Force hanger, and had a seen an unidentified spacecraft in flight while with astronauts. He traded U.F.O. data with us and admitted the astronauts have seen alien spacecraft on the Moon, and that our Moon expose’ is true!

There is an unconfirmed report that when Buzz Aldrin opened the door after landing on the Moon, he immediately saw a transparent etherical being staring at him outside. Welcome to the Moon? N.A.S.A. director Kraft added that there was a public and a secret private A.S.A. radio frequency between Moon and Mission Control and that the conversation above took place during a mysterious two minute interruption in public transmissions. To prove it is the truth, hundreds of independent CIVILIAN radio operators with powerful VHF equipment separately reported hearing the AME spaceship report from the Apollo moon-walkers!


Soviet radio operators also picked it up and published it in Moscow. Another mysterious radio message from the Moon was broadcast on French public television only one time before it was censored AFTER it leaked out. That transmission appeared to be a mysterious clearly spoken ALIEN LANGUAGE. The famous French historian and author Robbert Charroux published the transmission which has been suppressed in the U.S. It came from astronaut Worden who transmitted it to N.A.S.A, and expert linguists have been unable to translate the message.

However, the following PUBLIC RADIO BROADCASTS from the Moon WERE NOT CENSORED:

“The dome-ical structures are partially filled up. Breach has either flowed into these STRUCTURES before they were BUILT or the DOMES are younger than the floor. The area is OVAL or ELLIPTICAL.”

What are these domes and structures that were built? Apollo radio public broadcasts from the Moon also used terms and phrases “FLASHES OF LIGHT”, “BUILDINGS”, “ROADS”, “TRACKS”, and “HUGE BLOCKS.” When news reporters asked space program officials what these terms were all about, they were absurdly told that these are metaphors for geological formations. However, the scientist “who taught geology to the astronauts”, admitted he was totally baffled by those terms! This geology expert, Farouk El Bez admitted the clincher when he said, “Not every discovery has been announced.” When news reporters asked him about the flashes of light, Mr. Bez replied, “there is no question about it. Not natural.”

Astronaut Irwin radioed back to Earth, “that’s the most organized structure I’ve ever seen.” How could the most organized structure Irwin had ever seen be a natural formation? How can geological formations flash on and off.

N.A.S.A. tried to distort the truth by replying volcanic action could cause the flashes, yet in other contradictory statements said there was no volcanic activity observed in those areas. Domes up to 1,500 feet high, taller than our skyscrapers were too high to deny that they were bigger than any building on Earth (miles wide). A radio tower appearing thing was photographed, along with sequences of large moving vehicles leaving tracks in the lunar soil. We have these photo reproductions.

A huge clearly photographed lake, wider than Maui island, was photographed on the hidden back side of the Moon with a spaceport near it (NASA APOLLO 8, with what appears to be a long road in the distance.

Have any of you ever wondered why there have been NO ASTRONAUTS SENT TO THE MOON SINCE 1973!? Why was the Moon program suddenly ended after so much publicized great success? What sense does that make? 17 years of no landings as of this writing. Why did N.A.S.A. scientists and spokesmen of the 1960s brag about how they were going to establish space bases, mining operations, and colonists on the Moon in the 1980s change their plans? The likely excuse is lack of money from Congress, but that was a cover-up.


The Apollo program only cost less than one percent of the budget! Considering the huge billions spent on DEFENSE, the military advantage of having a base on the Moon would be enormous. Why were the American space officials of the 1950s-60s so publicly afraid that the Soviet military might beat America to the Moon to gain a military advantage. So why risk that serious threat by abandoning the Moon flights? And why did the Soviet cosmonauts NEVER land on the Moon?


Could it be that Moon locals kicked us off their world fearing that Americans would exploit and conquer the Moon like we did with the Mexicans in the U.S. deserts, the Hawaiians, and other cultures. And would Moon citizens welcome Soviet Communist dictatorship, military aggression, and slave labor circa 1960s-70s? We doubt it.

N.A.S.A. is passed to the public as a civilian organization, but is it really? It is funded by government controlling the policies by financial pressures. N.A.S.A. directors and astronauts have traditionally been former military officers drawing military pensions, many who own stocks or positions in defense industries as civilians. When in the military they took oaths of secrecy regarding U.F.O.S, subject to U.F.O. secrecy laws like JANAP-146The Code of Federal Regulations title 14 section 1211, and other military laws demanding U.F.O. secrecy for life. Punishments include fines up to $10,000, 10 year jail sentences, persistence harassment, and transfer or confinement to remote inconvenient military stations.


While in the service people who talk too much about U.F.O.S may be court martialled, reduced in rank and pay, and dishonorably discharged, and in retirement they can lose all retirement financial and medical benefits… their income. In all cases they are threatened with confinement to mental institutions and the government agencies WILL PUBLICLY SAY THEY LIED OR SUFFERED FROM HALLUCINATIONS, etc. In cases of high ranking officers or key scientists or N.A.S.A. directors knowing shocking details about alien visitors, these individuals know that they can accidentally and suddenly die with their whole families in “planned” accidental deaths engineered by military intelligence agents.


In extreme cases many were transferred to Vietnam or other foreign war zones, and bombed by American airplanes on purpose to silence them… and blame enemy planes. Some of the M.I.A.S met that fate… or were imprisoned in remote underground bases after they mysteriously disappeared “in action.” NOTE THAT the astronauts who talked about U.F.O.s were all from the era before the first APOLLO Moon landing (1969) before the wall of secrecy was imposed and during the years N.A.S.A. publicly admitted U.F.O. sightings.


Why did N.A.S.A. suddenly change it’s public policy? Was it the Apollo orbit around the Moon that sent back photographs of mining operations, domes, roads, a pyramid, a spaceport (named Luna) and lakes on the hidden dark side of the Moon? Did they fear a possible alien invasion from that base and panic and fear the public would panic? Was it too embarrassing to admit that all the billions of taxpayers dollars spent on the space program was largely wasted because the main goal was to colonize the Moon and we were kicked off that world because “we are screwed-up?” No official wants to admit what corrupt negative folks they are on the six o-clock news, after being told so by aliens!

Why do some of the craters photographed on the Moon have the exact same walls, floors, rims, and other details as atomic bomb craters… and do not geologically look like the other craters formed by meteor impact? The Lamont Observatory and other civilian experts noted that fact.

Why did the N.A.S.A. program land a probe on the Moon, its batteries went out, and it stopped working supposedly forever, and then someone or something mysteriously turned it back on, repaired it, and it began working after a year of silence? When confronted with their photos of domes and roads and other artifacts, why do certain N.A.S.A. spokesmen reply “no comment”, “subject to further analysis”, “not all the discoveries have been announced” and other double-talk to keep them looking clean if the bubble ever bursts big-time?

  • Plate 115, Apollo 16, 16-18918 has to be blown-up to clearly see the large oval-shaped object inside a crater. N.A.S.A. has no scientific explanation for this object that does not fit into the natural terrain.
  • Apollo 13 NASA NO. 13-60-8609 shows a large circular glowing UF.O. hovering over a very dark Moon landscape, definitely not natural.
  • N.A.S.A. LUNAR ORBITER 5 Photo HR 1033, taken on the hidden side of the Moon, clearly shows a huge cylindrical shaped object appearing to be parked on the Moon with front section in an opening on the side of the crater at Mare Moscovience. There is no scientific geological explanation.
  • Apollo 15 photo 1512640 shows a reported mining operation at the Humboldt crater. 3 domes are shown inside the crater Archimedes.

The ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Chaldeans, Phonecians, Assyrians, Aztecs, Mayans, Hindus, and Tibetans all left written records claiming they were contacted by ancient astronauts who taught them the basics of civilization, but not technology that could be used against the E.T.s. Modern historians do not tell us that because they believe the ancients were not telling the truth… with no documented evidence to PROVE the ancients made-up the histories.


There is a lot more evidence the ancients were telling the truth, based on the astronomical knowledge no primitive cultures could has possibly attained, artifacts and ruins only a modern technology could create, and the sudden appearance of the Egyptian civilization at its cultural peak with no prior history of evolving. There is a lot of documented proof.


Many scientists in 1990, as well as thorough archeologists-explorers like Robbert CharrouxEugenes SavoyWarren SmithPeter ColosimoDr. George Hunt Williamson, and many others in my files from the last few decades, say they’ve absolute scientific proof of ancient astronauts based on ancient writings, ruins, artifacts, and historical contradictions they have analyzed in painstaking investigations.


I have also talked to Farida Iskiovet of the United Nations U.F.O. investigation and 8 former army, navy or air force intelligence officers who had top secret security clearances, as well as former N.A.S.A officials, and our department interviewed some ex C.I.A. agents… who all say they know there were ancient astronauts influencing earlier cultures… and here is the bombshell… there is scientific proof of ancient nuclear warfare on Earth left by radiated ruins and skeletons, nuclear bomb craters on Earth from ancient times, and buildings and objects with that nuked look, as well as carbon-dating and radiation tests on these things. Is that tied into the nuclear bomb appearing Moon Craters?


And if ancient astronauts could get to Earth from other solar systems, it would be easier for them to get to our Moon because its thin atmosphere and absence of violent weather would make it much easier for construction and mining…not to mention its absence of large empires of hostile locals!

We have accumulated massive research indicating our Moon was colonized and explored by races from other planets, most notably in the Orion constellation, and that aliens called ZETANS from Zeta Reticuli are active there today. The Zetans have been analyzed by government psychologists to be, in ways, similar to Nazi scientists… technologically very advanced and materialistic, intellectual geniuses, yet lacking the kind of compassionate emotions and spiritual desires common with most people in our Earth nations.

To N.A.S.A, the Pentagon, the President and his top aids… that finding is a bit too scary to put on our six o’clock television news. If you think people might panic, you must first realize that the military officers who have been running the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies and a Secretary of Defense already HAVE panicked. If they can do that will all their military power, where do we stand? A chance?

There is also absolute scientific proof that the Zetans have forcibly abducted thousands of Americans, many who were used in bizarre Nazi-like genetic experiments. The locals on the Moon, from RigelBetelguese, the Barnard Star, and a planet orbiting Sirius, most known as “grays” but not all (some are blue, Nordic blondes, or orange or even pale white), are the ALLIANCE OF THE HOLY …their capital planet reportedly TYRANTOR. They have been involved in a star wars empire intergalactic war for at least 50,000 years, during which they invaded on conquered planets in Rigel and enslaved many people, the star wars against the Lyrans and Vegans, and against the Sirians who would not join the ALLIANCE OF SIX.


Some of these star wars were fought on Earth in ancient times when colonies from different planets fought for our planet to try to take control. The Pleideans from planet Erra, humans from a spaceport on Venus, SethiansCentaurians and beings from the reported 12th planet in our system were involved in these battles on Earth and were mostly driven off the planet (except for remaining secret underground cities and bases all of those civilizations still have on Earth). The Zetans now have a spaceport on the hidden dark side of the Moon, and many underground cities there too. They also have scientific, military, and mining stations on the surface of the Moon. So Americans and Russians can’t just fly up there and plant their flags and say, “hey, this is ours!” (like they are used to doing after invading other countries on Earth).

Government agents have been forced to do everything they can theorize or scam on, to make it look like the Moon is a dead world impossible to inhabit. What they do not tell you is that ZETANS do not need an atmosphere like ours to breath because ZETANS do not have lungs. They do not need to irrigate and grow crops because Zetans have no digestive systems. They do not need to worry about being too hot or cold because they have incredibly thick tough skin… like reptiles only more extreme and much tougher… and are cold-blooded… the sun, heat, and cold on the Moon do not damage their skin.


In fact, they would DIE IN OUR EARTH ATMOSPHERE without a space suit, like they did after emerging from those crashed flying saucers… because our Earth atmosphere is poisonous to Zetans. The atmosphere in one of their planets, orbiting a dying red star sun, is composed of elements like sulfur and carbon monoxide… described by some scientists like the runaway greenhouse effect of out of control pollution Zetans would like on Earth for themselves. They cannot live on the surface of Earth without creating genetic sub-human hybrids in laboratories… part them and part us. So they live in underground cities in the United StatesSoviet UnionMoonMars and certain asteroids off Jupiter.

In ancient times a planet between Mars and Jupiter, Maldek, was destroyed and turned to asteroids by a nuclear war, allegedly from Zetanic influence. Mercury had a civilization and atmosphere and was destroyed by nuclear war, reportedly knocking it out of orbit sending it too close to the sun. MARS also had nuclear wars which reportedly destroyed its oceans, much of its atmosphere, forests, and farms (which were further devastated by a passing comet or asteroid).


We are fortunate such star wars did not destroy Earth after they set-off the global cataclysms that destroyed Atlantis, Lemuria, Rama, and other continents… and devastated civilizations in ancient Middle Eastern, Asian, and American Amazonian cultures, etc… We also have massive documented evidence that the N.A.S.A. SPACE PROGRAM is a public front and proof it is a public “disinformation agency”, and we have files of false contradictory statements it has made about the atmospheres of Venus, Mars, the Moon, etc.

There is another TOP SECRET military space program that is the REAL THING.




It is known to some as Alternative 3. it is not designed to serve the public. It is designed to RESCUE the elite of the President and his inner circle, the Joint Chiefs of Staff running the military, key corporate executives playing the secret game, key top scientists in on the scam, certain favored political leaders, directors of the secret intelligence agencies, and key members of secretive organizations with names like

and other “insiders” from that a “THINK TANK” of top scientists from many fields, concluded in the 1950s to 1960s, was an unavoidable series of world cataclysms that would destroy most of humanity by the year 2,000.


Included in this scenario was the great threat of nuclear war, runaway greenhouse effect, out-of-control pollution and over-population (running out of necessary natural resources), and cataclysmic earthquakes and tidal waves caused by the periodic historical proven shifts of the Earth’s axis, as well as a comet projected to come too close to Earth. The first two alternatives involved using scientific technology and world negotiations with leaders to stop those disasters, but the experts believed that would be hopeless; as well as going underground on Earth which was also considered a bad idea.


Alternative 3 was to develop a top secret insiders space program with Majority (MJ-12) as a secret interplanetary state department in the Pentagon, and secretly build underground spaceports to live in on Mars and the Moon and surface domed manufacturing, mining, communications, and other centers. The ALTERNATIVE 3 astronauts landed on the Moon and built their own bases many years BEFORE the FIRST APOLLO ASTRONAUTS landed on the Moon in 1969, as the result of a secret treaty between the Pentagon and the Zetans. The Zetans helped the Department of Majority colonize the Moon with secret bases, and in exchange the Pentagon’s Majority Department helped the ZETANS colonize the United States with their own secret underground bases. The Pentagon decided that co-operating with the ZETANS was a better idea than being invaded!

The Zetans showed the Pentagon scientists how to Construct nuclear and mercury powered saucers, as well as space shuttles, rockets, and other N.A.S.A. technology that was inferior to the anti-gravity magnetic powered saucers of the Zetans and thus at a military disadvantage. Of course, our Presidents did not want to go on the six o’clock news to talk about how they made a top secret treaty with a violent conquering foreign planet that in the past nuked the Earth people! Not a bad reason for a big secret.

The Pentagon’s secret saucers were also aided by captured NAZI rocket scientists who were testing saucers they got from the ZETANS instructors in 1944, when the Zetans had the NAZIS do their genetic experiments for them… much easier than abductions. The primitive saucers, rockets, and shuttles of the pentagon insiders, often mistaken for REAL U.F.O.S, made it to the Moon and Mars. In May 1962, a secret spacecraft from the Pentagon landed on Mars and video-taped it, and I have seen the actual video. It shows a Martian landscape far different than what N.A.S.A. showed us!


Mars had canals, lakes, green vegetation, swamps, and animal life on the surface, but N.A.S.A. the dis-information agency wants you to believe it is a dead world so you will not expect E.T.S live there! They have never shown the public most of the 2,000 photos they promised us with VIKING I. When the first Apollo astronauts landed on our Moon in 1969, they were shocked to find it already inhabited. Thousands of Americans, Soviets, British, French, and Australians were ALREADY LIVING THERE! Astronauts who discovered too much truth and were considered security risks died in those famous accidents in the shuttle or on the launch pad, etc.

Have you ever wondered why the HUBBLE, the most expensive and expertise telescope ever invented, was flawed so it would not take the kinds of photos it should produce? Do you really believe all those technological experts from prestigious universities with billions of dollars at their disposal could make such embarrassing idiot mistakes. Please, do not be so naive, if you so do. This was a planned accident because that telescope was too good. It would photograph things on the Moon and Mars and in orbit that the public astronomers are not supposed to see!


The footage of the American spacecraft landing on Mars BEFORE Apollo landed on the Moon leaked out in major public British TV for one evening, thanks to a smuggling scientist, before it was Censored and never made it to America. British authorities tried to call it a hoax to cover-up the leak, but it was no hoax. The only astronaut who has ever died outside of duty said it was the truth on video, and he was silenced. We have seen that interview too, as well as a secret video stewing the scientist who leaked that video being assassinated. A book exposing ALTERNATIVE 3 appeared in 1976 and was quickly forced out of print. I have read it. You can’t even order it, and the printers will not issue a new release in spite of a huge demand! Very strange to turn down that big profit. Not really.

On public FRANCE INTER TV on August 3rd, 1962, at 8:00 A.M., and also in the weekly magazine Le Meilleur, was another leaked that was covered up fast. Alain Ayache reported:

“why has no one Spoken of the mysterious message heard on the Moon—20 untranslatable words? Perhaps it proves that other men exist, something that N.A.S.A wished to hide…words which really sow the Seeds of panic. Everything was going well that day on our Moon, then at 11:15 an extraordinary fading occurred and contact with Houston was lost. Worden, who was in charge of telecommunications, had his attention drawn by a breathing sound and a long whistle. A sentence was constantly repeated on one note, varying from a small to a shrill tone, and from lightly stressed sounds to raucous exclamations. Luckily the transmission was recorded on Lem’s tape recorder, and Worden transmitted it to N.A.S.A. Here are the 8 separate words …….


Why did the Berlin Wall Come down so suddenly and unexpectedly with the cold war ending and enemies becoming friends? Did President Reagan give a clue at his speech at the 42nd session of the General General Assembly of the United Nations, on September 21, 1987, saying,

“in our obsessions with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget much unites the members of all humanity. Perhaps we need some OUTSIDE universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think that how quickly our differences world-wide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”



In Reagan’s speech on December 4, 1985, he stated,

“if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet, we’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries.”

Soviet President Gorbachev publicly stated,

“At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the Earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the U.S. and Soviet Union would join forces to repel the invasion.”

(Feb. 6. 1987 in Soviet Life)

I ABSOLUTELY EMPHASIZE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR OF THE ZETAN INVASION, AS THE UNITED CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS (the friendly aliens) plans to remove all of them from Earth in 1993! More details in another one of my documents, tapes, and lectures. THIS IS NOT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Use common sense, wisdom, discretion in spreading this information, while avoiding skeptics, paranoid types, religious fanatics, and the emotionally unstable.



In 1959 a Martian flying disc spacecraft reportedly landed in the wilderness outside of Moscow, in the Soviet Union, where a secret meeting with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was arranged. The conference regarded improving relations with Earth, exchanging knowledge, and securing world and interplanetary peace, yet the Soviet government rejected the terms. This report originated from Sgt. Willard Wannall, formerly of Army Intelligence, who investigated U.F.O.s in Hawaii while in the military in the 1950s, and met with us while we were in the Department of Interplanetary Affairs research agency in the 1970s.


On April 24, 1964, an oval shaped metallic flying object landed in a farm field in Newark Valley in New York State, and two alien beings emerged from the estimated 20 foot long craft. Farmer, Gary Wilcox drove his tractor toward the object clearly visible on a bright sunny day. The farmer kicked the metallic object to make sure it was real. The two occupants were about 4 feet high, and they carried a square tray full of the different vegetables they had collected from his farm. Wilcox reported that when he confronted the beings stealing his crops, they said “don’t be alarmed, we have spoken to people before.” Gary described the voices as being very strange. They wore white, metallic-looking overalls without seams, stitching or pockets. He could not see their hands or feet.


He could not see their other features beneath the full space-suits, which we speculated were protecting these aliens from the Earth’s atmosphere deadly to their race. As Wilcox became inquisitive, one of them stated,

“We are from what you know as the planet Mars. We can only come to Earth every two years,” and left a warning that Earth people should stay out of space.

They said that they were studying the organic materials on Earth because of the rocky structure of Mars, and that they did not fly near our cities because they avoided the air pollution. The beings told Wilcox everything in monotone. He asked if he could go with them and they rejected.

Wilcox gave the beings a bag of fertilizer and exchanged information about it and other subjects, before they entered the craft and took off. Wilcox was investigated by a psychiatrist and the sheriff department, who found him a normal, truthful person with no emotional problems, and they confessed they believed his UFO experience was real.

In February 1972, United Nations diplomat Farida Iskiovet, who investigated UFOs and occupant contacts for the President of the General Assembly, told me and my department agents that she had been contacted by a landed spacecraft from the planet Mars. The reported contact took place in the Mojave Desert, in California, in 1971, and made the “front page” of the major Arizona newspaper the daily Arizona Republic. This story also made the front page of the San Clemente Sun-Post in an article written by Fred Swegles, who covered President Nixon and his staff at the Western Whitehouse.


Farida stated that the alien offered to admit an ambassador to their interplanetary confederation in this solar system, in exchange for an alien ambassador to the General Assembly of the United Nations, in an attempt to re-establish diplomatic relations with Earth and other planets that had been suspended in ancient times due to hostility on Earth. However, the terms of this peace arrangement were not acceptable to the Security Council, and the exchange was rejected in a secret meeting.


Adam Malik, President of the United Nations, was in favor of the treaty and exchange and he was in contact with us on this matter. Iskiovet and Malik were frustrated with U.N. attempts to block this exchange, so they came to us to help try to establish a civilian council to handle affairs between the people on Earth and the Interplanetary Confederation in this solar system.

The corporations and military-government interests that finance and control the U.N. did not accept the alien insistence on:

  • destroying all weapons
  • ending all wars
  • eliminating all polluting fuels, which are all the biggest bank accounts in the world

The most famous astronomers of the early twentieth century, including the great Percival Lovell, stated there were signs of intelligent life on Mars. They reported huge areas of green vegetation that expanded and contracted with the melting of the ice caps and the 4 seasons on Mars. In the 1950s, teachers in public schools in America taught students that the temperature at the Martian equator was about 80 degrees.

The man credited with inventing the radio, Marconi, published data that he believed he had received intelligent radio signals from Mars.

For three decades, several astronomers in different parts of the world reported seeing flashing and moving lights on the surface of Mars, some huge explosions, and other strange unnatural phenomenon. In 1927, the U.S. government carried out a public experiment designed to try to detect intelligent life on Mars, by sending radio transmissions toward that planet and waiting for an answer.


A series of dots and dashes, in Morse code was revealed on a machine, reportedly originating from the direction of Mars, and drawing a human face on a piece of receiving paper in dots and dashes! This drawing in Morse code was displayed in the Bureau of Standards in Washington D.C. In 1976 the famous Viking probe was sent to Mars by NASA, and out of over 2,000 photos reportedly taken of that planet, only a small fraction were shown to the public. Since most of those photos were not released to the news-media, were they trying to hide something?

One photo that was published by the U.S. daily newspapers over a decade later, shows what many researchers believe to be pyramids and a huge face carved into the surface of Mars. We have studied other Mars photos showing what appears to be an ancient ruined city, roads, rectangular buildings, and walls. Skeptics say that shadows may make natural objects appear like a man-made structure, yet all the photos taken from different angles of the sun and the cameras show the exact same objects the same way, ruling out the shadow theory.

The proof that the NASA space program covers up the truth about Mars is all tile serious contradictions in their public data.

  • NASA told the public that the Martian atmosphere is less than one percent of that of Earth. Then how could their 50 foot parachute on the rocket they landed on Mars even slow it down? Scientists calculated NASA would need a parachute over a mile wide to slow down the Viking probe in a one percent atmosphere! Their 50 foot parachute would crash like a rock!
  • Furthermore, if the Martian atmosphere is only one percent of Earth’s, how can sand dunes similar to our deserts in Arizona be photographed. Impossible! It would take 200 mile-per-hour winds on a planet with air said to be so thin that no winds over 40 miles-per-hour had ever been recorded, and the warm rising air to cause those winds did not even exist on that part of Mars (according to other NASA data).
  • NASA also claimed that the temperatures around the Martian polar areas was a minus 90 to 120 degrees, in a region where another NASA statement said the polar ice melts. How can ice melt at minus 90 to 120 degrees below zero? It melts at 32 degrees above zero.
  • How can NASA land a probe on Mars that shoots out a flame that burns the soil below it at thousands of degrees with deadly chemicals, then a shovel scoops up that SAME fried poisoned soil and reports “there is no life in it.” What life on Earth could survive in soil blasted at thousands of degrees by poisonous chemicals ? All the loose topsoil of any potential biological value was blown away by the rocket landing.

Fred Steckling, who has some thorough research on Mars, stated that,

“their true findings and most pictures are classified material which to this day have not been shown”

He added that we were told Mars is about half the size of Earth, with a surface gravity of about 40 percent and that the atmospheric pressure is about 7.7. millibars compared to 1,000 on Earth.


We are also told that the Martian temperature ranged from minus 22 below zero (F) to minus 122 degrees. One Viking probe landed about a thousand miles closer to their equator than the other one, yet contradicted logic by reporting the temperature at the equatorial region was colder than up north. He added,

“the amazed scientists discovered a 100 percent mistake during atmospheric measurements. The argon content of the Martian atmosphere was not 30 percent, but only 3 percent. A mistake of the same magnitude was admitted when a much higher water vapor reading was received than thought possible from earth measurements.”

Dr. George Sands, of Mission Control, stated,

“IT IS OBVIOUSLY WETTER THAN WE ANTICIPATED. THERE IS GROUND FOG AT THE LANDING SITE DURING PART OF THE DAY. Thirty microns of water have been found in the atmosphere, enough to not only cause ground fog, but ALSO FROST AND SNOW!”

NASA data, to a meteorologist, problematically proves Mars is much warmer than official reports stated. Ground fog is made by warm moist air moving across cool land or water, and ground fog is a product of temperatures ABOVE 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Water-based clouds like on Earth have been photographed about 15,000 feet over Mars, and such clouds and fog cannot exist in an atmospheric pressure of only 7.7 millibars. Evidence indicates that 32 degrees above zero must exist up to at least 15,000 feet on Mars, which is higher than Haleakala Crater in Hawaii. We all know we can live as we walk through Haleakala. Minus 122 degree temperatures can exist in certain parts of Mars, just like minus127 degrees has been recorded on Earth.

There are also thousands of American scientists, engineers, medical personal, and other specialists secretly living in Martian underground bases and cities, who have either been abducted by UFOs and taken there, or are part of a top secret exchange program with the Pentagon’s MJ-12 agency called ALTERNATIVE THREEThe Pentagon has been secretly trading livestock, minerals, and a labor force to these Zetans on Mars, for a couple of decades at least, for technology that was developed into the Star Wars defense system, lasers, superior metals, computers, medical advancements, etc.

Martians also live on Earth underground at secret cities and bases, like the one below the Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean established by Baavians.

Most Martians are 3 to 4 feet tall, yet not all of them are the same size or race.

The underground civilization has no pollution, disease, crime, poverty, political corruption, malnutrition, or warfare, and few of the problems associated with Earth civilization.

It has been described as a technological, intellectual, scientific, computerized paradise, where emotions such as pleasure, sexual ecstasy, and individuality have been eliminated among the locals. Following leaders called Knowers is the norm. Cloning is the main form of reproduction.

However, there is also a spiritual civilization on Mars that is so far advanced that the other civilizations cannot interfere with it. The spiritual civilization has very little involvement with Earth and avoids its internal affairs. This civilization is on a higher 4th dimensional frequency than the other 3D nations on Mars.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN magazine stated,

“the Martian environment is by no means so hostile as to exclude LIFE.”

The sand dunes on Mars photographed by the Orbiter have the SAME height and dune to dune spacing as sand dunes on Earth in Colorado. That is impossible in an atmosphere one percent of Earth’s. Viking 2 revealed the Martian polar caps are frozen water, that snows often, and the atmosphere above the polar areas is saturated with water vapor. NASA stated the North Pole on Mars is now going through its summer, so the ice cap is about as small as it ever gets. How can ice in these below zero temperatures melt like they said it does?

Dr. Martin, who was with Pasadena Viking Control, said the biology instrument on Mars have received positive signs of life in spite of the amazing fact it was at such a blow-torched landing site!

“Analysis of the Martian environment has so far shown that there is carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and sufficient amounts of water vapor.”




If we would have placed our Viking landers in our Pasadena parking lot and received the SAME chemical and biological readings were, received from Mars, WE WOULD HAVE CALLED IT A DEFINITE “SIGN OF LIFE”. He gave that report at the International Academy of Astronautics. Scientists admit that if all the water trapped below the surface of Mars was released to the surface, it would form an ocean a mile deep covering the entire planet!

Dr. Daniel J. Milton reported that,

“we have photographed the Martian mystery channels (canals). They resemble huge flood channels some 24 miles wide and several hundred miles long, shaped by sudden discharges of water that dwarf the flow of the Amazon River.”

Dr. Milton is a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, commenting in Science Newsfront.

An international AP release stated that photos of Mars’ northern regions reveal mysterious patterns, resembling contour PLOWING on the planet’s red surface. Striped patterns that resemble an aerial photograph of a farmers field after plowing have been studied with no natural explanation. The stripes are too regular to be natural.

In research published by the French archeologist and historian Robbert Charreux, which we have been unable to even order in book stores in the United States (why is it suppressed?), Mars was colonized by extraterrestrials from the Proxima Centauri solar system about 15,000 years ago.

These were tall aliens from a planet about half the size of Earth called Baavi. These expeditions found Mars similar in size to Baavi, with similar atmospheric characteristics. Mars has many canyons and at the bottoms are shrubby trees not more than ten feet high, standing on both sides of small narrow streams. On the banks of these streams is a type of moss which stores infrared heat rays from the sun during the day, and then gradually releases that heat at night.


As a result, when the night temperature on the red Martian plains dips to sixty to one hundred degrees below zero, near the moss at the canyon floors it may be 40 to 50 degrees above zero. The oxygen of the air is largely fixed by the ground under the atmospheric pressure that is really about a tenth of the surface of Earth (at sea level), so there can be a 40 degree difference between air and ground. The bottoms of such canyons have released enough oxygen to support a small humanoid monad Martian with robust vitality. (Even NASA admits huge quantities of oxygen and water are trapped below the Martian ground).

The report added that the mammals on Mars are rodents with thick white fur, comparable to large hares, that feed on roots, larvae, and the eggs of big lizards that live among the low rocks of the canyon walls. In deep hollows, water forms marshes in which crustaceans proliferate. About 12,000 years ago life-sustaining conditions on Mars deteriorated to the point where it became urgent to evacuate most of the inhabitants, who migrated to Earth and landed high in the mountains of Tibet, where the air is thin with little oxygen like it is on Mars.

However, before the exodus the Baavians had hybrid genetic cross-breeding with the short native Martians with the somewhat Oriental features.

This inter-racial mixing took place over many generations over 3,000 years, producing a humanoid hybrid. However, many of the residents of Mars flew to the Moon and Earth (where many primitive ancients mistook them for gods).

Mars once had large oceans, abundant atmosphere, and vegetation according to official NASA research. They just try to cover it up today.

We have much detail on the Baavian civilization on their home planet, in our other publications. The Martians who landed on Earth about 11 to 12 thousand years ago, over hundreds of generations, slowly adopted to lower elevations and Earth’s climate as they gradually migrated to the lowlands over the centuries to seed the Asian races.

Other research states that Mars was involved in nuclear wars when the Orion Empire invaded our solar system in ancient times, devastating the forests, oceans, rivers, and atmosphere on both Mars and Mercury ….. and causing the destruction of the ancient prehistoric Atlantean Empire on Earth. The nuclear devastation in Atlantean times was so great very little trace remains today of that culture. Other reports indicate Mars was also devastated by a catastrophic approach of a comet in ancient times, indicating more than one great cataclysm on Mars (we have scientific evidence of 5 great world cataclysms on Earth in ancient times).


Many Martians chose to colonize the safe inside of their planet deep underground, rather than to flee to Earth. Today an entire civilization of artificial dome-shaped protected underground cities, air-conditioned with controlled climate and connected by tunnels and subways… exist all around Mars. These self-sufficient underground communities grow their own food in artificial food facilities created by their superior technology, mine the interior of the planet, and manufacture space-craft. Mars is reportedly no longer involved in colonizing the Earth or trying to substantially interfere in our affairs like they did in ancient times.


There are also different races living on Mars. These races originate from other solar systems, and are not at the same level of spiritual, technical, or intellectual evolution, disagreeing on interplanetary affairs. One race active on Mars is reportedly from Zeta Reticuli, a small humanoid grey race with large heads, long slender arms, and no lungs (they do not need an atmosphere to breath), and no digestive system as we know the Zetans are biologically somewhat like insects, with thick tough skin adaptable withstanding a harsher atmosphere like on the surface of Mars. There are also androids and robots living on the Martian surface!

The Sirian Interplanetary Empire reportedly claimed Mars before it claimed Earth in Atlantean times, and the ancients called the Sirian constellation the Phoenix Constellation.

The Phoenician Empire in ancient Persia worshipped Sirius, and the Phoenix Project of the Secret Government (Illuminati) using technology TeslaEinsteinParsons, and Von Neumann, was named after the Sirian solar system and constellation. Its former directors now trying to expose its secrets claimed that the Sirians gave them their technology of mind-control, time-travel, invisibility, etc.

Our chronology indicates that at one time:

  • the Sirians controlled Mars
  • the Pleiadeans controlled Venus
  • the Orion League controlled the Moon
  • the Vegan Lyrans controlled the Earth …..
  • while galactic war devastated LemuriaAtlantis, and other ancient Earth empires as these races fought for control of the Earth’s natural resources, people, and rulers.

The Sirians evacuated Mars when its atmosphere and surface was devastated by nuclear war and a comet, while the Alcyone Pleiadeans evacuated Venus in the same conflicts Venus Whov. Whatever race lived on Mercury also had to leave its material plane, yet we have yet to discover specifically who lived there before it was hocked out of orbit and spun closer to the sun in a nuclear cataclysm. Of course, Maldek was blown apart into asteroids in these cataclysms.

This scenario is allegedly the reason why the Galactic Confederation, the Solar Police Force, the 
Ashtar Command, and even the Orion League (Star Wars Evil Empire) will not allow a major nuclear war on Earth anymore. Such a cataclysm would destroy the Orion colony on the Moon (Luna) and the Sirian colony today on Mars. The Illuminati and its 4th Reich (New Berlin Nazis), Asian Communism, and Western nuclear powers do not want such a war for the same reasons. It took too long to recover last times. The Clementine probe that took over a million detailed photos of the Moon in the 1990s took a lot of detailed photos of domes and ruins and artifacts on the Lunar surface that are not available to the public. I have been in close association with Richard Hoagland and his Mars Mission.

Hoagland is the famous scientists who wrote the Monuments of Mars and publicly exposed the Face, pyramids, and other Martian and Lunar ruins on CNN, major newspapers, and national and international magazines. He came to Maui in 1994 when I was only able to say Hi and shake hands. Later I became affiliated with his Mars Mission to expose this huge news. We witnessed color photos of the shattered domes and other artifacts on the Moon blown up to movie theater screen size at the Castle Theater on Maui. They were shocking evidence of some incredible ancient Lunar cataclysms.

Hoagland also sent details of suppressed photos taken by Clementine that further confirm this evidence and a lot more. It also turned out that NASA had been releasing several-generation copies of the key photos instead of the clearest archive originals, and in the archives same key photos were missing completely! Hoagland had demanded access to the NASA archives and was given a lot of run-around until certain NASA researchers sided with him and showed him some hidden evidence. We suggest to you… go to a video store and rent out Arnold’s classic movie Total Recall. This is a mostly TRUE MOVIE about secret Pentagon/ Soviet/ Illuminati activities on Mars. A lot of truth is leaking out as so-called fragmented fiction. Some researchers now think the 39,000 year old Egyptian Sphinx was a Sirian/Martian GODDESS whose breasts were sheered off by invading Christians who condemned goddess worship and defaced the hair and face destroying its feminine features. This information comes from the Phoenix Project scientists and technicians.

Aleister Crowley and his Magic secret societies are allegedly the legacy of Martian Secret Science and Sirian psychic and inter dimensional genetics. There are apparently some thriving underground cities on both the Mars and the Luna where
intergalactic colonists and their associates shuttled up from:

…plan their future survival during prophesized Earth cataclysms.

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